asked May 8, 2003 at 10:28pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple Laserwriter IINT printing problem

I have an Apple Laser Writer II NT printer that has a recent problem in printing. When I initiate printing of a text page from MS Word, only the top 1/8 or so of the first page is printed and the rest of the page is left blank even though there is more text that should be printed. The top of the second page prints the following messsage:

ERROR: ioerror
OFFENDING COMMAND: show (can be different for different pages)


and the rest of the page is again left blank.

I tried reloading the printer driver and the test page comes out fine (i. e. the full page was printed with no error messages)

I suspect it is a memory problem since partial pages are printer when there is not enough memory.

I am running WIN2000 on a AMD DURON 1.1GHRZ CPU. The printer worked fine until recently except it never could print an Adobe Acrobat document. The printer has printed a total of 9700 pages so far.

Could you advise me as to what is wrong with the printer?