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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson 600 won't clean

Had left printer idle for about two weeks with "out-of-ink" light on. Finally replaced cartridge but printer wouldn't purge/clean. Movement of the carriage was as usual and during what would normally be the two-minute purge portion, the green power light, as it should, was blinking. The head carriage then came to rest to the right as normal but red light stayed on as green light went solid. ROM seems to be OK because right orders are being sent. I was thinking it could be purge pump perhaps cluged (sp?) with dry ink. Or is it a resetting of the internal counters which I don't know how to do. There are two full cartridges installed although the counter(s) may be seeing empty. Don't know. Just groping. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Fixed it! Thanks Denny. Here's how - Re: 880 print head won't slide to left
Hi Asimov: Holding the button down for 3 seconds will only cause the "Print Cart Holder Assy" to move over, for cartridge replacement, if one of the Ink Lights/Led's is flashing, or on solid. If the printer is not in an "add ink condition" then you can't use the buttons to replace the cartridges. You would have to trick the printer, by manually causing the assy to move over: FIRST STEP: With the printer powered on, in a ready condition, but with the paper removed, push the "paper button". Even with no paper loaded in the printer the print head/cartridge holder assy unlocks and starts to move to the left. You must quickly unplug the power cord. This of course shuts the printer down with the print head assy unlocked. If not done quickly, the printer will go into a paper error condition and you will have to try it again. With the top cover door open, you can them manually slide the holder assy left, or right and can then remove the cartridge you want to replace. SECOND STEP: Only remove "ONE CARTRIDGE AT A TIME" and DO NOT install the new cartridge yet. Once you remove one cartridge, close that cartridges top locking cover, into its normal locked position [both top covers would now be closed, but one cartrige would be missing]. THIRD STEP: Plug the power cord back in and turn on the printer. The printer will go into an immediate "solid error/led light" for which ever cartridge is missing. STEP FOUR: Now when you press the ink button in for 3 seconds, the print cart holder assy will move over to the correct position, so you can open the top cover and correctly install the new cartridge. STEP FIVE: Once the new cartridge is correctly installed and the top cover is closed, into its locked position, you once again press the ink button. The printer now recognizes the new cartridge and goes thru "New Cartridge Initialization", which correctly resets the ink counter for the cartridge you just replaced. STEP SIX: If needed, you can now start all over at step # 1 and install the 2nd ink cartridge [best to do one cartridge at a time]... TECH NOTES: If you just remove the old cartridge and then reinstall it, the printer will still go into "New Cartridge Initialization" and reset the ink counter. Because the printer will ASSUME you have installed a new cartridge [it cannot really tell], it will run out of ink and not know it. Now the print head nozzles run empty, fill with air and dry out [CLOG RESULTS]. Chances are, no matter how many print head cleaning cycles & nozzle tests you run, the nozzles may not all fully open. That dried ink [CLOG] becomes as hard as a rock and the new ink cannot always flush the clog out. Good luck if this happens, because using up the last ink in your old cartridge, just caused you a whole new set of problems. There has to be some ink left in an empty cartridge, or the nozzles fill with air and dry out [CLOG]. This may be why your printer does not print in either black, or color and no matter how many cleaning cycles you run, or no matter how many new cartridges you install, it may not [probably won't, to be honest] flush out the clog and open up the dried out nozzles. Also, some people reach over and turn off their printer at the on/off switch on their "Surge Protector/Power Strip" and this will cause problems with the print heads/nozzle assy's. An ink jet printer [especially Epsons] has to be turned off with the printers on/off switch, to be able to correctly park the print head/nozzle assy's over the cleaning stations "Cap Assy" [felt pad]. This parking stops the print head assy's from being in contact with the air and drying out the nozzles [CLOG]. Over the Cap Assy's the nozzles are locked and kept moist. However the printer needs to have some black and some color ran thru the nozzles, [to flush out the old ink, with new ink]at least once a month to be safe. EXAMPLE: Have your customer, or yourself run a "Nozzle Test" at least once a month, IF the printer is not being used. This will keep the ink from going bad that just sets in the nozzles for a long time [CLOG]. Schools that are closed for the summer [usually several months], should not be using Epson Printers [3 MONTHS = CLOG]. BUT REMEMBER: Some people think they need to run alot of cleaning cycles/nozzle tests, just to be safe. This wastes alot of ink if not really needed. You could install new cartridges and run a lot of cleaning cycles [?? 10 to 20 ??] and actually empty the new cartridges of their ink, which just soaks into the "WASTE INK PADS" and that is another story... Good Luck! Denny Conway
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