asked Apr 29, 2003 at 10:49am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple LaserWriter Pro 630

Have connected to parallel port of PC with Windows 98 second edition. After installing driver and sending test page to print it spews out several pages covered with print but not much that makes sense to me. Certainly prints. Think perhaps I installed wrong version of postscript driver. Would you please give me info on installing this printer on a PC w/Windows98 se. Appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you.
It sounds like you have the computer configured to speak Postscript, and the printer configured to speak PCL. The Pro 630 is not as smart as its little brother the Select 360... it won't autoswitch to the proper language interpreter.

Set the dial on the back to "0" (zero). That will enable Postscript on the parallel port. Then send your test page again.
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