asked Feb 26, 2001 at 6:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4+ error 13

Hello again!

I just got an HP 4+ today. Powered it up, went to print a self test and the paper jammed on exit. I carefully pulled the paper out, without any tears. No paper left near the fuser or any other part of the paper path. I closed both top and rear cover and expected the 13 error code to disappear. It has not.

I have powered the printer down. Let it set for 10 minutes, check all paper paths, input paper tray and exit rollers, lifted the metal plate described in the troubleshooting section, but to no avail. The paper tray sensor flag is also still attached for the lower tray.

What else should I look for or test to narrow this problem down?

Thanks for all of your help!
At the back of the fuser there is a paper sensor arm. It travels along the right side and to the top where it hits another plastic part that blocks and unblocks an optical sensor on top of the printer. The mechanism and spring sometime pop out of place causing the false jam. You have to take the top off to clear it.
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Thanks, Moe!

Your suggestion cleared up the problem!

I am still going to need your 13 jam kit for this printer, but am going to wait until I receive an HP 6L that I purchased online to see if it has its infamous paper pullin' problem.

Thanks, again!
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my Canon Bubblejetprinter BJC-70 has the Errorcode F14. It means WASTE INK is FULL, Requires Service.

The "WASTE INK" is new. But how can i reset the Error F14 ??????
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