asked Apr 20, 2003 at 6:29pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

my HP 1100 is possessed!

Every time I print, it just prints one line across the page, and the line just has diamonds, spades, clovers, numbers and a bunch of other symbols across it, and won't stop printing, or should I say spitting out pages with this mumbo jumbo on them..every third ofr 4th one is blank also. It's an HP 1100 Laserjet printer, and I've already reinstalled the driver..anyone know anything about how to fix this ? The printer is about 2 years old, but has only printed 150-200 pages in that time. so it is relatively new.


Thanks in advance

Disconnect it from the computer and hit the button in front. If it does a test page ok, then it is a communications problem of some sort. It's almost always computer related, ie bad driver.
by moe on Apr 20, 2003 at 6:42pm Add comment
(when unplugged, and pusshing the front button as you suggested), but it still won't print..

Should I delete the drivers, (I have 3, #1) HP Laserjet #2) HP 1100, and #3) HP 5L PCL ? as none of them work ?

They used to work fine, and this problem was only periodic. Now it happens all the time.

I also had the printer daisy chain connected to an iomega zip drive, which I have since disconnected, and am running the printer directly to the parallel port to the back of the computer.

I've tried cold booting TONS of times..no luck.. still the same problem..Ideas ?

Thanks in advance!
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hay u tried a engine test on the printer

lift the rear panel and use a pen to press the button
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It just printed one page full of horizontal lines across it spaced about 1/8th of an inch apart..

But when I try to print something off the internet, it still prints one line of garbled symbols across the top of the page, and nothing else...It also keeps printing these pages until I physically shut it off.. Ideas ?

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If it does the engine test, but doesn't do the built in self test print, that would point at a bad formatter board. The engine test tests everything but the formatter board. The self test and communications are part of the formatter board. The formatter is located on the bottom of the printer.
by moe on Apr 20, 2003 at 10:06pm Add comment
and if so, how difficult is it to fix ?

It does do th test page where it prints out a picture of the printer, and a bunch of specs including dpi, and how many pages it has printed, etc.

Thoughts ?
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The printer self test page came out OK. This means it is most likely the communication problem as pointed out to you by Moe.

Now. First thing to try woudl be to uninstall your Iomega software and see. You could use the Ctrl_Alt_Del combination to see which Iomega software programs are loaded and try to end it manually and do a test.

ANother thing to try is to replace the printer cable. I know it is not cheap but you have to do it unless you have another PC to test your printer.

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