asked Feb 25, 2001 at 1:17pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP 4 paper curl a problem?


I have an HP 4, 40K page count, 6 Megs of memory. The printer is in pristine condition. I just recently purchased it, and have not owned an HP4 before and have a question:

When I print from either the multi-purpose or lower tray (tried both 20 or 24lb 8.5X11 paper), the paper has a slight indented curl about 1/2 inch from the top across the length of the page. The paper never jams at any point in the process. Is this a sign of a problem or is this a feature of the HP4 exit rollers? I'm used to seeing a more flat output.

Could it be the toner cartridge? It's a no-name brand. What else can I try to help pinpoint the problem, if there is one?

Jim (picky, in Texas)
Front end curl is usually caused by the heat from the fuser assembly. Possibly it's a bit too hot. There's a temperature sensor that rides on the heat roller that regulates it. I suspect it has a buildup of toner on it that is acting as an insulator causing it to register a lower temperature, in turn making the electronics heat the fuser more than the normal operating temperature. Live with it. Stop being so picky.
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Jim, I recently picked up a nice used HP 4 and noted that
it does the same curling job on the top of the paper.
My old HP 3 did not do that. It seems to be typical
of that model. Given the reliability of the 4 I
just overlook it. -=Brian=-
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This issue has been discussed to death throughout the long live of the HP4. The general concensus is that it is a design flaw. My HP4M, which I bought new, has done this starting with the very first page it printed and still does it today. It seems to vary depending on the weight of the paper you're using but it will always be there. Sorry.
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I've heard of a tapered roller that HP was supposed to come up with some years ago that lessened or eliminated the paper curl. Is this an urban legend or some sort of rumor? I have no idea what difference a taper would make, but that's what I heard.
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