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Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Apple Color Laserwriter 12/660PS Error

Hello, everyone:

This is a repost. I have a Apple Color LaserWriter 12/660 that is coming up with an error condition:

The Paper and attention lights blinbking alternately. On a Apple LaserWriter PRO 630 with that light combination, it turns out the Fuser went bad (Burnt out lamp).

I really appreciate any input as to find out what this error is. I'd like to fix it up. IF I can't fix it. I'll strip it for parts.

I have Apple's service document for this printer (a 370+ page PDF). Please let me know if you want a copy of it. The documentation for the various error conditions goes on for pages and pages. :)
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Dear Marc,

Uptill now, I fixed various HP Laserjets III and IV: that was quite easy due to the excellent documentation available. Now I thrusted myself working on an Apple Laserwriter 12/640; it has been accumulating enormous amounts of dust and grease. I only have the "Apple Service Source" documentation available, which is clear enough to take the printer apart and reassemble it again. Before I cleaned everthing, execept the I/O controller board, the printer worked O.K.; after reassembling and switching it on again it comes through the Power-On Self Test but stops with POSTSCRIPT reporting an End Users Error "Laser/scanner assembly error" (Paper jam LED flashing). There is no paper jam. Apparently this is a false report becase I can force Service Test Page by jumpering connector J101 on the I/O controller board: it prints an empty table but the table lines are O.K. So, the printer prints and fuses correctly. Here I'm stuck!

Would you be so kind to help me out with a copy of your Apple's service document for the Apple Laserwriter 12/640?

Lots of thanks in advance,
Robert - r.w.p.kerkenaar

I'd really appreciate it if you would send me a copy of the manual. I just sent an Email directly to you too.

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Will do. Look for it shortly. It's rather... large.
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The Apple 12/640 was a black and white printer/doorstop. No way is it worth the time, money to repair. This is a color laserwriter thread. Marc hasn't been on this forum for 3 years, so it's doubtful he'll read this thread. Take my good advice and dispose of it.
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