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Apple LW Pro 600 problem

My old reliable Aplle Laserwriter Pro 600 has finally developed a problem. I was printing out a message from a PC friend and the printer began printing out pages of jibberish. I hit "cancel printing" and the pages kept coming. In frustration and desperation I turned off the printer power. This caused a massive paper jamb. When I pulled out the paper the printer no longer worked. It prints out a gray background with four thin bands of white running across the page. The technicians at Comp USA could not fix it without replacing parts until it worked. They don't know what's wrong. Anyone out there have an idea.?
Comp USA has technicians?!! When did that happen? Now I can't call them inCOMPetent USA anymore. Gibberish is almost always a driver problem. Printer can't understand what's being sent to it. I fail to see how clearing a paper jam caused your present problem. What you descrbe sounds like a failed scanner assembly. But that would give you a 51 error on the display. If I could see a scan of the page, I could diagnose it more positively, unless you are getting a 51 error and failed to mention it. BTW, I hope you didn't pay them their ridiculous $99 diagnostic fee. After all they didn't really diagnose anything, did they?
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Moe, it's a Pro 600. No display. The 600/630 indicate laser failure with the lights on the front.

You can jumper pins 7-9 together on the DB9, and turn the printer on. The middle two lights will come on and stay on while it executes the internal diagnostic. When it's done, if there are no failures all lights will come on and two pages will print. Otherwise, the state of the LED's will tell you what the printer thinks is wrong:

on off on off - I/O board
on off on on - Fuser
on on off off - Laser/Scanner
on on on off - Main Motor
off off off on - Fan
off on off off - ROM #1
off on off on - ROM #2
on on off on - ROM #3
off on on on - ROM #4
on off off off - SIMM #1
on off off on - SIMM #2

It sounds like a formatter failure (the gibberish). Does the Mac still see the printer in the Chooser? What about removing the formatter board and doing an engine test? Does the test look normal?

What does Apple Printer Utility have to say about the printer (assuming it can see it)? A LaserWriter is usually pretty good about using the reverse channel to tell you what it thinks is wrong.

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THe CompUSA in my town charges $119 fee to work on printer and people actually pay that. Ain't taht crazy????

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I am buying stock in CompUSA!!!!
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I saw the PC in the post and my brain somehow switched from Apple to HP. You're right Marc. Although, I still think the 4 horizontal white stripes are scanner related. I wouldn't buy any stock in CompUSA. Last I read, they were losing lots of money. There aren't enough stupid people bringing things in for repair and there isn't any margin on selling new computers.
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Well figure it out, moe!! The ITT-Tech alumni of inCompUSA don't fix the printers for free, if they do fix them at all (you still have to pay though, crookedly enough).. If you figure with minimum wage,
$6.75/hr x 15 hrs = $101.25, not including parts, which can range from assemblies to the entire engines themselves, they have to cover expenses.. And last I checked, AOL is still #1!!
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