asked Apr 15, 2003 at 7:43am
Epson Epson Artisan 700

epson 700 stoped printing after useing cleaning ki

I used the cleaning kit, and the printer will not print at all. When running a cleaning cycle it pumps ink but will not print a self test or anything else.
BOB: I'm sorry, but I'm not framiliar with the "cleaning kit", but maybe I can still try and help you...As an "Epson Authorized Dealer", I'm limited to how much help I'm legally allowed to give. I try to help when I can, but I need a little more information from you. Sorry, but there's lots of POSSIBLE PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS available and I don't really know enough about your actual problem to even be able to help yet...Most of the problems people have are caused by something they did, or did not do and are not always the printers fault...QUESTIONS THAT I NEED ANSWERED FIRST: #1 When you said your printer will not print a "self-test", did you mean the "Internal Epson Self-Test Copy" ran directly from your printer and not from your PC? #2 If so, did the test actually run a sheet of paper thru your printer successfully, or did the paper not feed-in and out of the printer as normal? #3 If the paper ran thru the printer normally, did you just mean that there was no ink printing onto the paper now? #4 Did you install new cartridges after the cleaning you performed, or did you just reinstall the old cartridges? #5 How do you know that your printer was pumping ink? #6 Did you actually do a MANUAL PUMPING TEST on the top of the "Cap Assembly's" felt pad? -OR- Did you VISUALLY SEE fluids that you placed onto the cap assy's felt pad, get pulled or sucked into the cleaning station assy? #7 Are there any solid or flashing ERROR LIGHTS [Led's] coming on at all?...See if you can answer these questions and possibly give me more information to go on. If you let me know more thru this "printer repair site", I will help you further if I can...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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