asked Apr 14, 2003 at 3:04pm
Ibm IBM Laser Printer 4019

IBM 4019 error code

After power-up, I get an error code of 9. On check I get a 2. I have checked the "error code" section for IBM & Lexmark to no avail. Any suggestions?
It's a fuser failure. Check to see if the fuser is getting warm. More than likely the heat lamp is burned out.
by david belton on Apr 14, 2003 at 3:54pm Add comment
Hello Moe
I read your suggestions, about error code 9-2
My fuse is OK, do you still have the lamp in stock
Im a old IBM;er, and like to use my old 4019 to the black and white print out
If you can help me I will be pleased
like to hear from you, even if still is 5-6 years, since you write the suggestions
kind regards Bo - Anonymous
Could also be the thermal fuse. If you remove the plastic cover from the top of the fuser (2 screws), you'll see the fuse. If you have a meter, you can check both the fuse and the lamp. The lamp should read about 3 ohms. The fuse should read continuity. The fuse is a 182 degree C. fuse that is commonly available at electronic supply stores. Radio Shack has one that's close. If you need a lamp, we stock them. Email me.
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I read the tread. I have a IBM 4019-E01 printer and a fuser-failor 9-2. I checked the fuse and it read continuity but the lamp was broken. I dismantled the fuser and lamp and the broken filament in the lamp was visible. Do you still have these lamps in stock? If so, please give me information about possibility to send me a pair and information abt price and how to order.

Kind Regards

Anders - Anonymous
This worked for me on my IBM LaserPrinter 10L. My error code was 922. The fuse was $1.50 at Radio Shack, and the high temp electrical tape was $9.00.
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Haven't had lamps for it in years. Been over 10 years since I even worked on one. If it were me, I'd buy a new printer. They're lots cheaper, faster and much better print quality than that old war horse. Lexmark took the IBM name, but you'd be well advised to steer clear of them. Get an HP.
by moe on Dec 8, 2009 at 1:11pm Add comment
Thanks for your fast reply, yes i will buy me a new printer, for christmas
thanks a lot, and wish you a happy christmas
kr Bo - Anonymous
I have a 4019 that I purchased in 1990. As an -old IBM'er- I would not give up on mine when I got a 9 error. It was caused by me, when I slammed the top down too hard I broke the lamp.
Not a big deal. You can get an entire FUSER replacement for $59.
I bought one and the old workhorse is back to running great.
Although some new printers print faster most are set for 300 dpi for text. I haven't seen any that print out a document any clearer and my 1 year old ink jet does a WORSE job of printing a B/W document due to the lasers BLACK-blacks which an ink jet doesn't have.
BTW- I just bought a NEW Lenovo PC that does not have a parallel port. No problem. I purchased a USB to PARALLEL cable for $3.99. The 4019 runs great on a USB port!
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