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Epson Epson Artisan 700

Epson Stylus Photo 700 Dead??

A few weeks ago I started getting randon machine characters printed instead of the required text/ graphics. This started occuring more frequently until this week the printer would not print at all. The power light comes on, and the printer starts its self test procedure(not sure if it completes it or not). The computer gives a cannot communicate with printer message. The printer will not print the test page during the built in printer check feature which is normally accomplished by holding down the load eject and power buttons at the same time on power up. The interface cable is to be disconnected during this procedure as well. It will not give an error light when the paper tray is empty. It definitely appears to be an internal printer problem. My hunch is a problem with the "logic board" as the power supply seems to be fine.

I notice that there is a battery installed in the printer. If the battery went dead, what would be the result.

If the battery is dead and I replace it what else needs to be done?

If my problem appears to more than the battery, such as this logic board, is it worth fixing it, or should I buy a new printer?

Any help would be appreciated.

DOUG: GENERAL INFORMATION ON "JIBBERISH" [strange symbols and characters], OR "COMMUNICATION ERRORS/PROBLEMS": When a printer prints "jibberish", or has communication problems, its usually caused by: #1 a bad parallel printer cable [old cable/poor quality cable: not bi-directional printer cable, or not IEEE-1284 rated cable. Inexpensive parallel cables are not usually shielded enough and are not always bi-directional]...TECH NOTE: If you are using a USB CABLE, you will usually you have less communication problems caused by a bad or corrupted USB cable, but its possible..#2 bad printer drivers: printer drivers are usually available online from EPSON and HP at no charge; remove/de-install your old printer drivers and then go online and download the newest drivers available for your printer. If you use your old CD that came with your printer, then your not getting the latest changes/updates available free from Epson or HP. There are more steps involved with correctly installing USB DRIVERS and if not done correctly can cause additional problems. Epson has in-depth information available that I can post if you let me know thru this "printer repair site"...#3 It's possible that the actual SOFTWARE you are using to do a print job from, may be causing problems [Word, Office, Excel, etc]. You can try using a different software to print from and see if your problem goes away. If it does, then you may need to have your software removed and reinstalled. It's possible that something may have corrupted it and is causing problems...#4 Its possible that internal settings on your PC may be not set correctly, but that would normally require a PC trained person to check your system and make changes [BIOS settings]...#5 Its also possible that a VIRUS can cause problems with printers. Even if you have a virus protection program installed on your PC, it has to be updated regularly to protect against possible new, or modified virus'...#6 If new drivers [free] & a new good quality printer cable [fairly inexpensive], do not cure your problem, then its probably time to have your PC/System checked for possible problems. The other thing you can try is to actually connect your printer to a different PC/System, then load the correct DRIVERS and connect your printer cable and run some print jobs. If your printer, cable and drivers work ok on a different PC/System, then you pretty much know the problem is normally in your PC/System...#7 Sometimes the Logic Board, built onto/into the printers "Main PCB/Board", just goes bad, but not very often. As a new PCB costs quite a bit, its better to put that money into a new printer, as the prices have come down so much in the last couple of years...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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