asked Apr 12, 2003 at 1:08am
Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP LaserJet 5MP crinkling paper

Never having had a problem with my printer before, I am at a loss. A few months ago the printer started to make repeated clicking noises when it printed, however, it seemed to work nonetheless. Today I changed the toner cartridge and now, regardless of papertray or output tray, it crinkles the paper on the left 3/4" or so. This in turn effects how the toner seals to the paper so that I am also getting blotchy text. The problem remained even when I put the old cartridge back in. I am not sure that the clicking problem has anything to do with this, but I thought I should mention it. I am financially challenged right now and in need of the printer, so I would love to resolve the problem myself. Any help would be appreciated.
Open the lid and remove the toner cartridge. At the front of the printer, you'll see a plastic plate held in by one screw on the left side. Remove the screw and gently wiggle the plate and remove it. Check for any paper scraps on the large roller. Also make sure the small white roller on the plate is clean.
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I appreciate the quick response. I checked the roller and it was clean of any paper. I have also blown out any dust/dirt/toner from within this area. I still have the problem. Although I, too, believed the problem lied in this area, now I am at a loss. The problem first started to occur yesterday when I was printing onto card stock. After about a dozen copies the print started to crack and run on the left hand side. When I then tested onto paper it was suddenly crinkling along that edge. Does this help?
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You might have damaged the fixing film in the fuser with the card stock. Open the rear door and look at it. You'll need a flashlight.
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It appears that something is damaged in the back of the printer, but I am not sure if it is the fixing film or not. Sitting above a brown roller there is a black film (?) which has cracked and peeled. This film is black on one side and yellow on the other. Is this the fixing film? Can I replace this myself? I have no idea how to get into this area of the printer.
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Time to buy a fuser. easy to replace, not so easy to repair...

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There's a kit here that will fix your problem. It comes with an instruction video. here' the link
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I have ordered the proper part. I thank everyone who helped along the way.
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I think I may have a similar problem to "Kritterfur". My HP 5MP, problem-free since purchase years ago, has developed the following unsettling habits:
- making crinkling/crunching noises when operating
- jamming paper prior to fuser
- wrinkling paper along left side
- blurred/smudged text
- embossed 1/2 inch stripe on left side of printout
- expelling mangled pieces of black/yellow film when printing

Printer has recieved regular maintenance, but I understand that it's elderly and may finally require either a major repair or replacing.

Does this problem require a new fuser? Or is it time to replace the printer?

Thanks in advance.

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Probably only have to replace the fixing film on the fuser. There is a replacement kit available on this site. You'll probably have some hardened toner where the film was missing. Before installing the new film, you'll want to clean it off real good or the new film will shred as well. Alcohol will suffice or you can use the Dull-it cleaner sold on this site which is formulated to remove hardened toner.
by moe on Aug 8, 2005 at 9:19am Add comment
Thanks Moe, for your quick reply. I followed the instructions in another thread for removing the cover and fuser assembly (cover removal was quite difficult, by the way - the friction tabs were easy to disengage but budging the cover was another matter!).

Inspecting the fuser assembly, I see that it was the fixing film that was the problem. It was obviously brittle, had cracked and had gotten caught in the gears at the left end of the roller. It was gradually getting peeled off and pulled toward the left side - hence the crunching noise while operating.
No hardened toner, although there was some residue on the paper path just before the fuser, which I removed. There is some white pasty-looking stuff on the ends and inside of the fixing film roller - I'm pretty sure it's lubricant, like the clear gooey stuff on the white plastic gears at the right. I won't remove this white stuff unless it's some kind of corrosion.

Looking at the dark amber fuser roll, I don't think it's particularly healthy looking either. It looks reticulated all over, fine cracks are forming especially at either end. Since the printer's 10 years old, might it be just as well to replace both the fixing film and the fuser?

Meantime, I'll price out the two kits on this site. Thanks again for your expertise!
- Anonymous