asked Apr 11, 2003 at 11:17am
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Laserjet 4V question


I got a Laserjet 4V that my office was discarding. I am trying to refurbish it so that I can donate it to my church. When we had the guy from HP come in to look at when we had the problems with it initially, he seemed to think that the entire fuser would need to be replaced. We were quoted something on the order of $600 to repair it, which was the end of service for it here.

I'd like to get some feedback from anyone who might be able to help me with this, as I'm trying to get this done with as little money out of pocket as is possible.

The problem seems to be, if you open the front of the printer, and open the little fuser-access compartment, one of the little metal "fingers" seems to be grabbing the paper and in some cases ripping it. If I remember correctly, we also had problems with same & accordian jams.

Can anyone offer me advice? I love this printer, it served as a real workhorse here and I would really like to see it back in use.

Thanks in advance!

You can take one tooth out (remove the fuser to do this), and the fuser will still function correctly. however, your jams are probably more that the obvious. you probably have a cut in the pressure roller, catching the paper. you can get a refurbished fuser for a 4v for a lot less than $600.00, though. good luck.

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Thanks for the info. I'll rip it apart tonight and see if that'll do the trick. I've not seen any cuts on the roller, but as you said, it might not be obvious. I'll post back with my progress!

Thanks again-

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If you need fuser rebuild parts, including the "picker fingers" and an instructional video so you'll know where all the parts and screws go to, email me. We stock everything for the fuser.
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I fired up the beast today (for the first time in ?? months/years) and tried to print a page. I did NOT see the behavior I saw before (with a single finger causing problems) but I did indeed get the accordian jam I mentioned earlier.

As a secondary question, I picked up a lower tray for this, but I cant seem to find any info on the HP site regarding how to install it.... tho I guess this doesnt matter so much until I get it working.

Thanks so much everyone for helping me out with this.. I'm a newbie to printer repair, but I'm learning :D

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This may not be a fuser problem at all. Before you spend a dime on the printer make sure you check that all the nylon gears are in good condition first. These gears are mounted on the door assembly but you'll have to remove the fuser to really get a good look at them. Rotate the gears and see if they're meeting any resistance, If so you may have a broken gear. The first gear: the one closest to you is usually the culprit and this can cause the paper to fan. GOOD LUCK.
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ok cool.. I'll have to bust it out and try & repair it. It has, in the interim, been rellocated to the basement. Maybe this will give me the motvation I need to look at it.


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Try to clean the fuser roller by using alcohol and check the preasure roller first. Then you may need to check the picker spring in place.

It may be the temperature of the fuser too high. I am trying to find the way to adjust it.
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