asked Sep 12, 2000 at 12:59pm
Unknown Printer


I have a HP LASERJET6P with the following error.
If I put power on everything is ok, but when I print a self test I get a paper jam.
The paper is stuck right below the drum, and on the front panel two leds a glowing one is orange and is blinking the other one is steady green.
I am sure that there is no piece of paper left behind, or that one of the paper switch is not working properly.
I suspect the laser unit , but can anyone tell my how I can test this so I now for sure that it is the laser unit that gives the error.
And if it is the laser unit how much cost I new one, or even better is there an other HP laser printer that use the same laser unit assembly ?.

Thanks in advance

It would help if you told us what light is blinking. It wouldn't be the laser assembly, all the lights would be on. We're working on 5P/6P error light codes for our troubleshooting page. Should be up sometime this month.
by moe on Sep 13, 2000 at 7:08pm Add comment

Thanks for responding to my problem.
What the leds concerning, I have made a mistake. ( sorry for that )
There are tree leds ,one with a paper jam symbol one with a paper tray symbol and one if the printer is ready.
If I try to print a test page everything looks ok until the paper is below the drum ( a little bit further ) then the following leds are on.
The paper jam led is steady orange and the led with the paper tray symbol is steady green.
The paper that is below the drum is still white.
I have disassembled the hole printer already and I have check everything I could think of.
I even check out the main board and the memory board, especially the paper switch’s.
I also unlock the laser compartment and put my scope on it ( the laser diode ) but I don’t see any thing on the scope at the moment the laser should write on the drum, that’s why I suspect the laser diode or the laser assy.

Hope this will explain more

by Henk on Sep 15, 2000 at 1:02am Add comment
You really shouldn't go tearing things apart if you are just guessing. Your problem is either a bad SIMM or a bad formatter board. If you have any SIMM chips installed, take them off the board and try it again. Otherwise, replace the formatter board.
by moe on Sep 15, 2000 at 9:09am Add comment

Moe ,
Thanks for coming back to my.
I don’t have a simm installed in the printer, so that’s not the problem.
So it must by the formatter board, but I don’t have a formatter board to swap.
Can you tell my what the global price is of a formatter board for a Hplaserjet 6P ?.
And where can I order a formatter board ?.

by Henk on Sep 16, 2000 at 8:11am Add comment