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Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP Laser Trouble

After cleaning a HP-5MP printer, it won't go beyond the initial LED start sequence. It stops on the "Jam" LED.

The exit sensor arm is "towards" the rollers, the front "paper" sensor arm is hanging down into the manual feed drawer/door. The top lid interlock switch is engaged as well as the cartridge plunger switch, either pushed down manually or with a cartridge installed.

Anything else?

Was running fine before cleaning.

I posted this problem before but got no responses in spite of activity after mine on others.

Is there a "code" word or something??

THANKS "again"


When you cleaned it, you could have knocked the Fuser exit sensor arm out of position. DOes the motor turns when you power the printer on? To get to it, you have to remove the cover, the fuser assembly and the bottom metal cover.

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THANKS for the response!

After MUCH research, surfing etc. I am learning something, but precious little. The ONLY apparent "sensor" device visible on the back end is a small (5/8" high) black plastic lever that is mounted within a wide plastic "guard" whatever, on the rear of the fuser section. Another posting advised checking if this lever is swinging freely and if it's in its natural state - forward into the rollers, mine is. Yet another posting mentioned a paper sensor that supposedly hangs down from the metal "pan" covering what that posting called the "motherboard." I'm not sure that that circuit board is a motherboard, but my 5-MP has such a "pan," (I think it's more like an OIL pan!!), anyway, there are several "slots" at the leading edge which is the surface incoming paper guides along coming up into the printer at front. There is at PRESENT, nothing sticking out of there. Perusal of parts diagrams also show a "lever" called a "paper detector" in that same area. The drawing of that thing is quite different than the "paper detector" lever that hangs down from the top cover that interfaces into the front paper drawer/feeder. So it makes sense that there is one paper deytector "in" the manual feed drawer and another that is for the bottom tray feed. I may have to "pull the pan" to get to the "bottom" of this. Means I got to go out to the garage and hunt down the Torx screwdrivers to get the side circuit guard off so I can get to the side screws for the pan. It is possible that I dislodged the arm while I was cleaning the printer. I have disassembled/reassembled hundreds of pieces of equipment in my lifetime, many much more complicated than this, with little to no problem. However, I had a VidCam ON a tripod six feet away for some project, and could have easily shot a few minutes of each phase of disassembly... that would have instantly recorded whether there had been anything there that wasn't later. Guess I will start doing that now, screw positions, sizes, orientation of parts ALL on tape. Damn. Wish I would have thought of that sooner.

Thanks again, I'll re-post with my results.

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And to answer your question...

NO, the motor doesn't turn on. It goes throught the POST sequence on the LED's and ends up with the "Paper-Jam" amber LED left on. Nothing else.

Thanks again,

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Bet you an iced cold beer it is the Fuser exit sensor arm out of position.

Yes. The oil pan thingie is the one. As I was saying, you need to remove the cover, the fuser assembly, and the "oil pan" to get to the sensor arm.

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The sensor arm is on the fuser assembly. It works through a linkage in the fuser that comes out at the bottom rear of the fuser and blocks an optical sensor on the controller board that is mounted on the oil pan.
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