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Compaq Compaq LN 16

Need help on Compaq IJ700

The paper feed light on printer blink continuosly and the computer can not print anything. According to printer program help guide, Printer requires Service. Its been 16 months since I bought his printer. Please post your suggestions on what to do to make it prints. Thank you very much. I am in Madison, WI area.

The paper feed light blinking issue generally occurs only if your printer has undergone a paper jam.

Check if there is a paper jam occurred previously and still the torn pieces of paper exists. If so, clear it, restart your printer and then try to print. If there is no paper jam issue found, then it can be a false paper jam issue too. In such cases, restart your printer again and try to print. Otherwise, try with a soft reset to the printer, which stops all the running function of the device and restart it without erasing any saved data. Perform the soft reset by removing the battery and reinserting it in the device and switch on the device. If the problem is unsolved, then try hard resetting the printer, which will erase the temporary memory information. As a final solution, perform a factory reset by clicking the menu on the home screen. Select SD card and storage in the settings. Browse the factory data reset and touch the reset option. Finally, choose Erase Everthing to perform the hard reset and then restart. For Support Call Our Toll-Free 1-866-293-9220

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