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Epson Epson Stylus Color 600

Epson Stylus Colour 600

I am about to throw this printer against a wall...

It refuses to print. It starts up fine and the power light comes on - all the other lights come on and go out but it wont print at all. I've replaced the ink cartridge (genuine Epson), bought new cords (parallel) and done a dozen self cleans but still no result. The status monitor tells me my document is printing fine but instead it just keeps feeding the pages through with nothing on them.

I've tried doing a self test page and it doesn't turn out right. There are only two tiny lines of black and just a few lines of blue and magenta.

I'm a student and am lost without my printer - I can't afford another one -- please help!!!!!!
Its possible your "printhead nozzles" are "clogged", or even going bad. That would be why little, if any ink is getting onto your paper. I need a little more information from you...SORRY, BUT THERE'S LOTS OF POSSIBLE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE. SOME GENERAL EPSON PRINTER RELATED QUESTIONS: I know you say you installed Epson cartridges, but have you ever refilled your own cartridges, or had someone refill them?...Was your printer making any unusual noises prior to the previous problem?...COMMON CLEANING PROBLEMS: Have you tried to use any printhead cleaning solutions/methods, other than an actual "cleaning cartridge"? Have you tried to inject some type of cleaner into the "printhead nozzes", possibly with force? Did you happen to used "compressed air" [canned, or air compressor] to try and blow-out a possible "clog"?... Was your printers power turned-on [as is normal] when you replaced a cartridge, or did you replace a cartridge with the printer turned off?.... COMMON PROBLEM THAT CAN DAMAGE PRINTHEAD ASSEMBLYS: Do you use the printers on/off switch to power off your printer, or do you happen to use the on/off switch on your "surge suppressor"/"power strip" instead?... BIGGEST PROBLEM THAT USUALLY HAPPENS WITH THE POWER LEFT ON: Did you happen to remove a cartridge and then reinstall it back into your printer, rather than replace it, as advised by Epson? Even if the power was turned off first, reinstalling a previosly used cartridge can cause problems...I have lots of in-depth "cleaning & service information" saved as text files. If you need detailed help on possible trouble areas, just let me know thru this printer repair help site. Some people know a lot about printer cleaning and servicing and other people know very little. You let me know how much help you need and I'll help if I can. As an "Authorized Epson Service Dealor", I'm limited on some information that I can release and some help that I can give...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thanks so much for your reply Denny.....

The printer has been sitting for about a year and when I got it it wouldn't print at all. It just kept feeding the pages through although the status monitor indicated it was printing a page.

I did replace the ink cartridge with the printer of - There was no light on to indicate the printer was out of ink and the ink part at the bottom of the status bar was greyed out. The printer has never had any refilled cartridges installed - only genuine Epson and there was no funny noise. It still starts up fine and moves back and forward etc.

Last night I cleaned the nozzles with a cotton bud soaked in metholated spirits and left it overnight. This morning I ran some print head cleans off and now the black actually prints in the self test but it is very faint. The blue comes out really good and the magenta is missing most of its lines but the colour is great on the lines it did print.

Any cleaning/service information you could give me Denny would be great - I don't know much about it at all so a detailed one please!!!!

Also, this printer is pretty old and is meant to be installed with Windows 95 (I have Windows ME). My computer is only 12 months old and I was wondering whether I need to install new drivers from Epson or should mr computer already have an appropriate driver?
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Hi Corrine
Sorry to trouble you but I have the same printer
and cannot get hold of the driver to even load it up was wondering if you had any advice
Regards Hayley

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Hi Hayley,

You have to forgive me because I'm really stupid when it comes to computers. When you say you don't have the driver do you mean you don't have the software (disk) to install the printer onto your computer? If that's the case I can burn a copy of mine and post it to you. The only problem is the driver/disk that came with the printer is for Windows 95 and so I think the driver may need to be updated.

On the Epson website (www.epson.com.au) they have a list of drivers you can download. If you go into Technical Information and then click on Install Drivers it will bring a list of them up. I don't know how well it works or if thats what you need. They upload it for you in a zip file so you need to have software on your computer than can unzip it. (if you go into www.winzip.com you can download an evaluation version for free and it'll let you use it a few times before you have to buy it).

If you'de like me to post a copy of the disk out to you then email me your address ([email protected]) and I'll post it off today.

Hope this helps........
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Hi Hayley,

I don't know whether you got my last message so I'm sending it again.

I have the driver disk for this printer so if you like I can send you a copy. Email me your address ([email protected]) and I'll post it off to you today. The only thing is the driver is for Windows 95 so it may need to be updated. You can update a driver on the Epson website. (If you can't work out how let me know)

Hope this helps....... :)
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CORRINE: UNLESS YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY GET YOUR PRINTHEADS UNCLOGGED, I WOULD NOT EVEN WORRY THAT MUCH ABOUT THE CORRECT "WIN'S ME" DRIVERS. HOWEVER, MY "POINT NUMBER ONE" WILL TELL YOU WHERE TO GET THE CORRECT DRIVERS FROM. AT LEAST WITH THEM INSTALLED YOU CAN RUN THE CORRECT TESTS FOR YOUR PRINTER...POINT #1: You need to go on-line to the "Epson.com" web site and DOWNLOAD the correct DRIVERS for your "Win's ME". ME has alot of updates and changes that may not be included on any DRIVERS installed on your PC now. On the Epson Web Site, look under "DRIVERS AND SUPPORT" and then click-on "DRIVERS AND DOWNLOADS". Look under the "Ink Jet Printers" for your Epson Stylis Color 600 and click-on it. Once the "DOWNLOAD PAGE" opens, read the "TOP NOTE" [IN RED LETTERS] for the info on ME and then click-on it. Follow the directions and read all the available information concerning the ME driver downloads. Finally at the bottom of the page, click-on "Printer Software Installation for Windows ME [Epson Printers]". Read the download info and complete the installation...POINT #2: Normally any Epson Inkjet Printer that has set unused for about a year, will have the "Printhead Assembly's" CLOGGED. I'm sorry to say that you may not always be successful in getting the "printhead nozzles" to fully open. Epson Inkjet Printers need to be used monthly, or the ink inside the nozzles can start to dry out. The ink then can turn into a hard little rock of ink and it may not dissolve, even with extended in-depth cleaning. The "printhead cleaning cycles", ran through the printer itself, or even from your PC, are just trying to flush out old bad ink, by forcing thru new good ink. It cannot force a clog out the nozzle, it has to be dissolved first. Also be careful with what type fluids you use for cleaning, as some can be destructive to plastic and the printheads. I've been successfull in opening clogged printheads before, but your chances go way down after 4 to 6 months of non use. If you want to try to get them open, you may want to try using a "CLEANING CARTRIDGE" first. Check into whats available to order, possibly even from this online "printer repair site". My methods are in-depth, long, fairly difficult to perform and after a year, still probably won't work [just to be honest]...POINT #3: Theres no need to do any "General Cleaning" to your printer, unless you can successfully get the printhead nozzles open...SORRY! Not alot of good news, I know. Let me know if you want to try the "in-depth nozzle cleaning procedure". I can provide tests and info for you if you want to try to see if you can get them open...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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HAYEY: Read "Point #1" in my previous reply to "Corrine". It will tell you where to go to download drivers for your Epson Printer also...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I have two issues - extreme banding when I print. The banding is in pink and it looks like almost a pinstripe design (thin, thin, thick, thicker)then 1/4 inch and repeated thru the picture. Also - the entire picture has a pinkish tint.

I tested on two different epson 600's so it seems like something in my driver/configuration. I am running XP and used the driver that came with XP as recommended on the Epson web site.

Any ideas? Thanks!
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Epson tips:

Don't remove the ink cartridge before it is used up. Epson uses pressurized ink and the cartridge is instantly destroyed if removed early. If you've done this you must replace your ink cartridges.

Don't refill the cartridges. Because Epson puts copyrighted lockout chips on their inks, and because they are pressurized, results are often poor.

The print head is built in to the printer, so you cannot replace it. Follow these instructions to try to clean the print head:

First, find the rubber wiper and ink caps in the area where the cartridges normally sit. Get the print head to the middle, unplug, and clean this area out with q-tips moistened with water (don't spill). Dry it out completely and let the cartridges clean themselves several times. If in the process the ink runs out you'll need to change the cartridge. (Sometimes the automatic ink sensor doesn't notice if the cartridge is out of ink, but you will know when it is because NOTHING will print. If the printer refuses to let you change the ink unplug it during cleaning while the carriage is in the middle, then change the ink.)

The print head is not user-serviceable on Epson printers, it is a disposable design. If you can't get it clean this way you'll have to replace the printer.
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Adrienne: As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. It actually sounds like you may even have a HARDWARE PROBLEM/PARTS PROBLEM: usually printhead assembly and or main board assembly. Thats the two parts that normally cause the banding problem. My only concern is that you said you actually tried two different Epson 600's and I'm assuming the same problem happened on both printers. Normally banding would not be caused by software or printer drivers. I would suggest actually running your printer off a different PC or System that does not use Win's XP. If your printer still has banding while running it on a different operating system, say Win's 98, then you would know its your printer causing the banding problem. On the other hand, if your printer did not have banding while testing it on the different system, then I might think it was in your Win's XP system, but I'm sorry, I have no idea why. Usually I see banding more when pictures are scanned thru a SCANNER and its usually the "main board" or "carriage assembly" [light assy] causing the problem. If you narrow it down to an actual XP problem, you might try using a different program to print from as another test [word/excell/office]...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I need the drivers for my epson printer. It said lm missing driver/escp2ms drv/inf/drv=driver6 cab can you help me. thank you Diana wegwnwer [email protected]
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Anonymous: You can delete your old drivers and download the latest available drivers free, from the epson.com web-site. I usually recommend trying new drivers if you have a communication problem, bad or corrupted drivers, or missing driver files, as they can cause many different problems..."DEINSTALL" [remove] your old drivers/printer first and then go to the "EPSON.COM" web-site. Look under "DRIVERS AND SUPPORT" and then click-on "DRIVERS AND DOWNLOADS". Look under the "Ink Jet Printers" for your "Epson Stylus Color 600" and click-on it. Once the "DOWNLOAD PAGE" opens, read the INFORMATION to locate your particular SYSTEM [Win's 95,98,ME,2000.etc.] and then click-on it. Follow the directions and read all the available information concerning your systems driver downloads. Finally at the bottom of the page, click-on "Printer Software Installation for Windows 600 [Epson Printers]", or the "Download" option button. After the downloading utility opens, read the download information available, make your choices and complete the installation...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Please Help. I, like many others who have posted questions on the website, am having a problem with clogged print heads. I have replaced both ink cartridges (with epson, and have never used generic or refilled cartridges) The color is fine, but on the nozzle check page that prints only the first two lines will print (minus one or two little spots). I started the cleaning process last night. In the beginning, nothing printed. After two, the color was perfect, and then for about the next 30 (yes, I did that many), the black slowly got better and better. It has now "maxed out" and stopped improving, so I'm missing that second set of lines that prints on the right side of the test page (above the yellow test). I have looked into getting one of these cleaning cartridges, but I have a HUGE project (printing out 80 colored/designed nametags each week for the next five weeks), and I was hoping there was something I could do today that can at least temporarily fix the problem while I wait for the shipping of the cleaner. Please help!
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Maria...FIRST: I'm sorry that I could not reply until now. I was off work from 6/26 until 7/2, while I moved my parents approximatly 300 miles, to live with my wife and I. There was of course, a lot of work that came in while I was gone, so I had to catch up on customers printers and equipment, before I could once again help out. I only help on the "printer repair site" when I have the free time. As I work for a company, my job has to come first...SECOND: FOR QUICKER HELP, YOU SHOULD POST YOUR OWN PROBLEM SEPERATLY, ON AN INDIVIDUAL MESSAGE BOARD. It's possible no one may actually help you because they did not read the board you attached your problem to. Sometimes we may just assume that your information was just a reply to that origional posting by the first person on that board and not even read your message. The best chance for help is when you open your own individual message board, listing your problem in as much detail as possible. Your chances of having someone help you, including me if I have the time, will normally be better. I don't answer e-mail requests because I'm an employee of a bussiness and my time is their time...NOW AS TO YOUR POSSIBLE PROBLEMS: If you can't get your "printhead nozzles" to fully open with-in 6 to 10 printhead cleaning cycles, they probably won't open. Either you have a bad clog or your printhead is going bad. Running cleaning cycles, is simply just forcing new ink thru the nozzles to try and push out the old or bad ink. There's no actual in-depth cleaning being done, as the printer is not capable of it. Its possible to put in a new ink cartriodge and run it empty in 10 to 15 cleaning cycles. At this point you normally need to do in-depth cleaning with a "printhead cleaning kit". As an "Epson Authorized Service Dealer", there's only so much information and help that I can legally give. There's of course no way for me to actually know whats wrong with your printer. Again, it's possible that you may even have an actual HARDWARE PROBLEM [parts problem], or your printhead might just be clogged. Epsons need to be used often to keep the tiny printhead nozzles open. If you happen to be using refilled or non-Epson ink cartridges then its even worse on the printhead assemblies and you may not actually be able get the printhead assembly to work again. You might want to try using the "printhead cleaning kit", available through the home page on "fixyourownprinter.com" and see if you can get the printhead nozzles to open up again. Its around $10.00 and includes a syringe and the RED Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution, which is the best cleaning fluid to use, by far. This fluid is capable of disolving most clogs, especially if you use Epson inks. If it does not work, then its generally time to replace the printhead or the printer. Although the kit is not designed for the "C80" series printers or the newer Epson Ink Jet Style Printers, the red fluid and syringe can still be used the same way. The main difference is the instruction for the FELT PAD/CAP ASSEMBLY. The C80 series and newer printers, use a different stlye "cap assembly" that does not use a felt pad, so you have to ignore that portion of the instructions...REMEMBER: The "nozzles" inside the printhead assembly can be easily damaged by using to much force. Damage can even occur when you are using the correct cleaning method: the RED Epson Printhead Cleaning Solution and Syringe, found in the "printhead cleaning kit" sold off the printer repair site. If you try to force the fluids thru the nozzle, the nozzles can be seriously damaged. The correct method is to use the syringe to add the fluid into the nozzle and then leave the fluids set inside the nozzle for several hours, to try and dissolve the clog....Good Luck! Denny Conway
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what the hell is going on
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try to use some coma's or full-stops might make your sentence more readable.

"power of the printer was burning in the printer" ????????????????

sorry, can't help you. maybe god can.
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