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Apple LaserWriter Pro 630

I have an Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 and i want to connect it to a network. I have tried teh twisted pair tranciever but it never shows up in the windows add a printer network browse window. I have also tried to connect it directly to a pc running windows xp but all that happens is the first half circle indicator light constantly blinks green even if i havent sent a print que.

Help Please
It's not going to. The 630 doesn't speak IP... the only network protocol it understands is Appletalk.

If you can add Appletalk support to your network, then you can make it a pure network device. Otherwise, you can hang it off something like a JetDirect.

The blinking green light means that it thinks it's got a job to process. It also blinks when you first switch on the printer as it warms up. If you've connected it directly to a parallel port, that port may be doing a PnP discovery for peripherals, which the 630 (not being PnP) is going to interpret as data.

Set the selector wheel on the back to "4" and turn on the printer and it'll print a page telling you what all the different switch positions do. If you're going to spit PostScript at it, setting the switch to "0" will be fine. If you want to spit PCL at it (using the HP emulation), then you'll have to choose one of the other settings. The 630, unfortunately, doesn't support PJL or any other form of auto-switching of the input language.

It's a *great* printer, though. :)
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For some strange reason my 630 apple laser writer is now printing blank pages before and after a printed page. Has a setting been changed? Also what is the best switch setting when using windows 2000 applications with this printer. At present it is set on 5
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It depends on what you want to send to the printer. I would recommend that you configure Win 2k to talk to the printer as an *actual* LaserWriter Pro 630, which means that you're sending PostScript to it. In that case, set the dial for "0" (zero).

Actually, "0" and "5" are the same thing, the printer just handles the handshake on the parallel port differently. You can set the dial to "4" and power-cycle the printer to get a printed page describing what each setting does.

As far as the extra page problem... I'll leave that to Moe. :)
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Thank you Marc Wilson.
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