asked Mar 11, 2003 at 9:28pm
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2 problems with Apple Pro 630

I don't know if this is worth trying to fix or not. It has been a great printer. First, there is a toner streak right down the middle of the page. Have had it fixed (fuser assembly?) 3 times in the last 3 years and the problem keeps reoccurring. Checked the toner - not that.

Now, when I send a job to the printer, the light blinks like it should, you hear the paper start and then the light changes to solid and nothing prints. This just happened. Was printing fine earlier today - except for the smudges down the middle. Any ideas what is going on? Thanks
Hello, Cris:

Could you turn the printer off for a minute and then turn it back on and see if you could print. Another thing to try is remember what the number is set to at the back of the printer. Write it down. Tunr the printer off and then change the number to 4. Disconnect the printer cable from your system and then turn the printer back on. Does the printer print a a start up page? If it does, your printer is probably OK. Check the printer cable and make sure it is fully plug in. Try another printer cable if you have an extra one.

AS for tthe toner smudges, is it fused onto the paper? IF it is fused on to the page that you can't rub it off. It is probably not the fuser. You could use the manual feed tray and do a half page test. When you see the trailing edge of the paper disappears, lift the cover up to stop the paper. Remove the toner cartridge and lift the shutter carefully. Do you see toner residual on the drum corresponse to the Toner smudges on? If so, your cartridge's Wipe is worn adn you will need a new cartridge.

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I am dealing with the printing problem first. I did as you suggested. It did print a startup page. Then I tried sending a file with the number at 4. The startup page said the number was 6. Tried that. Originally it was set at 9. Went back to that. None of it worked. It still acts as if it is going to print, light blinks, paper noise starts then nothing. I am on a G4 1.25 dual running OS 10.2.3. I have the Adaptec SCSI card and an ethernet hub. Until yesterday, everything had been working fine.
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