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Hp HP LaserJet 5MP

HP Laserjet 5MP - Konked

My HP Laserjet 5MP, after a bit of fiddling to remove a jam, has ceased to function. When I try to send a job, the engine starts to warm up and it tries to grab the paper but eventually gives up and the "jam" light comes on. It whines while it is warming up.

What seems to be happening is that the feed is trying to grab the paper, but it is not able to. I have tried it from both the tray feed and the manual feed, and the same problem happens, that it tries to feed the paper, but can't.

Is it a roller problem, or an engine problem?
I hate to burst your bubble Paul, but there's a lot more talent on this forum than over at HP. There are a lot of volunteers on that forum that give somewhat questionable advice, wrong even. We don't allow that on this forum. If someone gives bad advice, you'll see a "bad answer" next to his response. If the advice is sound, you'll see a "good answer". That way you'll know whose advice to follow and whose to ignore.
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All that "questionable advice" from the HP forms will just confuse you. I know being in my second year I still need advice but I don't even browse over that way anymore.
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I have a 5mp that died last night. Paper jammed and now it won't pick up paper from manual feed or tray. After warming up, the top 4 of the five lights come on. When I hold down both buttons, only the top light stays lit. Saw the same thing posted on the HP site and the tech said it was a bad fuser assembly. Any thoughts?

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I just posted at the HP site as well for the same issue that Cary (above)has.

I've been told that since the fuser exit sensor and rollers are intact, that the heating element is dead and Film Assembly Part RG5-1702 needs to be replaced.

How does that sound to you?


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That does indicate a fuser element not heating. It's mostly caused by a blown overtemp fuse inside. If you're mechanically inclined, it's relatively cheap to replace. Same type of fuse as used in coffe-makers and readily available.
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I have a 5P that had the error light lit. I knew it was a jam. The printer was able to pick up the paper from the upper left corner, wrinkle it a bit and then the error light would remain lit. Open the printer and remove the cartridge. You will see a plastic piece held down by a couple of screws. Using your thumbs push the piece towards the back of the printer, away from you. It should slide outward. There may be paper stuck underneath that part preventing the paper from entering the printer. Let us know how you do.

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Thanks for the reply.

I am mechanically inclined and enjoy exploring these amazing machines.

I've already got the fuser assembly out....can you direct me to the overtemp fuse location?

Much appreciated.
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You have to be very careful disassembling it. The ceramic heater element is delicate and easy to break. That being said, you have to take the ends off. They're held on by plastic latches. Then you carefully remove the plastic sleeve, being careful not to damage it. The fuse is inside, just below the ceramic heater. There are 2 push on washers on a piece of plastic above it. Radio Shack sells them, but they're a few degrees higher, which shouldn't make too much difference.
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Many thanks for the help.

I took apart the assembly and discovered that the ceramic heater had cracked due to an electrical short/overload...who knows.

One thing that I do know is that it's time to get another fuser assembly! (or canabalize another 5mp).

Best regards.

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I do have the ceramic heater strips.
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Let me know if you have the biege teflon sleeve holder/clips as well....I broke one.

As well, give me a link to get availability/cost for these items.

Maybe it makes sense to get the sleeve/heater unit as a combined package instead?

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My LaserJet 5MP has the same problem described by Cary and Jeff above back in 2003. Apparently I need a replacement fuser assembly. Is the correct one for my printer RG5-0879? The number mentioned in this thread is RG5-1702 but I can't find that on this site.
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Wel the whole fuser is RG5-1700 just the sleeve and heating element are RG5-1702 so it depends on what you want something easy to replace with no worrys or something alittle more difficult with more chance of error. Really the pricing of the fusers have dropped so it might be in your best intrest just to replace the whole unit. RG5-0879 is the one for the LJ 5 which is totally different. They do have a section under parts where you can request an item and they will look it up and get pricing.
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2014 update - neither tray 1 or front feed would pick-up paper on mine. Primary and secondary error lights were consistent with other posts I read. I was skeptical a fuse in the fuser would effect paper feed.

Disassembled fuser and indeed 15A inline fuse is blown. Yes, it is under the black strip held by two push-on washers. Need to verify but this looks like cause.
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I forgot to note... You can verify that the heater circuit in fuser is open buy using ohm meter. There are two connectors on fuser. The one on left (side with small wires) is sensor reads about 400K ohm. The right connector (big wires side) is heater, should be about 30 ohms.
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Yep, that fixed it. Another note: the fuse was rated 216C temp and came with crimp on cylinders but they were too small. I ended up soldering with big heat sink.
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