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Epson Epson Artisan 700

epson 700 trouble

I bought an epson Photo 700 secondhand and had it repaired. It seems I have got trouble with the driver. The driver that came with the printer is a joke and Buggy as hell. The driver updates 4.5ce, which seem to be the newest ones(1998) cause the foollowing problems: the first print goes fine, the second print self aborts after about 10 lines, then the machine only pulls the paper through, nothing else. The printjob is still in the spooler.
Any ideas?????? apart from the selling the printer?
Try to determine if your problems are in the printer, or in your PC. Run your printers "EPSON INTERNAL SELF-TEST" while not connected to your PC [just using the printers operational panel/buttons]. If the "SELF-TEST" comes out ok, then usually your printer is working ok [which it sounds like it will from your post]. Next reconnect your "printer cable". Now open your "PRINTER PROPERTIES UTILITY" [on your PC] and run the "PRINT TEST PAGE" a couple of times. If the test pages come out normally, then open up a saved "text file" on your PC and print that out as well. If the "Print Test Pages" and the "text file" come out normally, your "Printer Cable" is usually ok. If not [communication problems], replace it, or try a known good cable. If your printer and your cable are ok, your problem may be caused by one of the following areas...DRIVERS: Bad or corrupted drivers can cause many problems. "DEINSTALL" [remove] your old drivers and then go to "EPSON.COM" web-site, under "DRIVERS & SOLUTIONS" and download new drivers...SOFTWARE: It could be that the software you are using [to run your printing job from] is causing your problem. Try a different software program [you may already have installed on your PC] to run the same print job. You may have to try a different PC [using the same software program], using your printer to run your print job on. You may actually have to DE-INSTALL the old Software and RELOAD new Software...VIRUS: REMEMBER that a virus will show up more easily, when you have a printer installed. The virus is in your PC, but is more readily noticeable when you have a printer attached. Do you have some type of "Antivirus Software" loaded onto your PC [example: Norton's/McAfee]? If you do have "Antivirus Software" loaded, do you UPDATE it regularly [weekly/every two weeks/monthly]? New virus' and veriations of old virus' come out daily. If not you may need to have a "Virus Scan" ran for a possible virus, especially if your PC, or printer is having strange problems...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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I have had a simular problem although I have an Epson Photo EX...

After using the EX for some time now I have recently had a few issues with my Epson Photo EX printer.

At first it would print great, and then it had a very slight smudge like streak looking shadow on the left of all my Black / White text or graphics output on plain or any regular media. And if you looked at photo output you can see the "pattern" of ink drops was not the standard drops, it was acting as if something like a lint of hair was around the black printhead nozzle(I realized this was after I tried the new OEM Epson black cartridge).
So I thought it might be the black ink cartridge, so I bought a Epson OEM cartridge and it still did the slight "shadow" like effect on the printout. So I tried doing a nozzle check , cleaning, and the black would come out with blank "bars"(the staircase looking pattern on a nozzle check print), so I did the clean again and slowly it was less and less of ANYink on the pattern. at this point I have NO INK at all coming out....I get blank pages. Thinking that I clogged the printheads, I took the printer cover off the unit to be able to remove the cartridges without dealing with the status monitor and the auto clean functions that suck up all the ink when you set it in the replace cartridge position. Are you with me so far?
I am going over in detail so I don't misinform or throw you off course....Any way. So now I have the printhead/cartridge assembly off of the track and I tried to use a little Windex on the head, and I tried to place a Windex soaked lintfree napkin inside where the cartridges normally sit so I can run a cleaning with Windex running thru the system. I tried this but I don't think Im getting Windex to flow through the tiny microscopic holes on the ink tubes or through the head nozzle holes. and I re-assembled and tried it out, but still get NO ink at all.

One thing, I couldnt figure how to get the ribbon wires off the printhead carrier, so I took the printhead and covered my lips over the head and blew really hard. I thought it would work, but I put it back in and no go.

Any ideas on how to clean the heads?...maybe my next step should be to use some tubing to force Windex thru the top ink tubes as you mention.

But have I damaged the printhead by blowing air in it? Is the head ok to let soak in windex/warm water solution?

Are there any unorthodox methods of cleaning a print head, for someone who is comfortable of taking the printer apart? I have not attempted to take the actual print head off of the cartridge carrier, since I cant really see a safe way of doing it.

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My apologies for not having replied to your message sooner and for this general text saved message...My mother, who leaves about 300 miles from me, had a bad stroke on 4/22 and I had to leave work. I did not even return to work until monday 4/28. I will only be at work for a few days and then have to leave again because of many pressing family matters. I will not be able to help much if any on the "printer repair site", for possibly a few weeks or so. If I have any spare time at all before I leave, I will try to address/answer any questions/problems you have already posted. Again my apologies and I hope that someone else may be able to help you further until I can once again help in my spare time...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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