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I have a Apple Laserwriter pro 600 and I recently bought the kit to fix 2 blinking lights. I have three questions:
1. There are four screws in the back of the printer, two on the top end and two on the bottom. Which ones to open to pull the fuser unit.
2. I am trying to use this printer with Windows machine. My printer came set as HP Laserjet and I know I might need to find a mac with OS 8.1 or above to reset the printer to laserwriter Pro (postscript) driver. Windows does not let me do that and macs are hard to come by. Any suggestions?
3. I would like to increase the memory to 32MB (its maximum capacity) and would appreciate some how-to instructions.
1). The bottom two screws. Be very careful whne you remove the fuser, don't break teh flag arm.

2). I thought the Apple LW 630Pro has a switch at the back that you could set for PC mode: #9 or something like that. Search on this site, there has been answer to that question.
3). The memory this printer use is 72 Pin, 70ns 32 bit FastPaging Mode SIMM. You could put two 16 MB in there and that will disable the 4 MB onboard.


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Setting the switch to zero will be fine for enabling Postscript printing through the parallel port.

As far as expanding the memory, all I can add is to make sure you don't try and use double-sided SIMMs in it. If you put a double-sided 16 mb SIMM in the first slot, you can't put anything at all in the second slot.

This is documented in an Apple KB article which I forget the number of, but shouldn't be too hard to find. ^_^
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Thanks for all the help. I was able to replace the burnt out fuser lamp and the printer has started to work again in the PostScript mode, (Set to 0 - Thanks mark).
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I am curious about this fix and what it is, I have a 630 Pro with the 2 far right lights flashing after printing successfully the printer configuration page on startup as it was set to this but end up on the next page with these lights flashing and a full sheet grey black print.

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I have a Apple Laserwriter pro 600 and I recently bought the kit to fix 2 blinking lights.
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From the symptoms, it doesn't sound like a fuser problem, which normally causes the 2 blinking lights. If the printer experiences either no heat or too much heat in the fuser, it will shut the printer down and flash the lights. It won't print a gray page.
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