asked Feb 7, 2003 at 4:37am
Hp HP DeskJet 600

HP IID error 50 and envelope feeder

I am getting an error code 50 which I see from the info on this site is probably a bad power assembly. I have access to a HPII which is working that I can canibalize for parts. Unfortunately, I don't know where the power module is located nor how to remove it. Can you help?

I am also thinking of getting an envelope feeder for the IID to use for small mailings (about 600 letters per month). Has anyone had any experience with the envelope feeder with the IID. Does it really work or does it jam or have missfeeds or other problems?

How does it connect to the IID?

Thanks for your answers and insight.
The power assembly is where the cord plugs in. You have to remove the covers and the fuser assembly first. The power module is held in by 4 screws. The envelope feeder plugs in to the front of the printer and there is a connector on the right. Envelopes don't work too well on that model. Unless you use heavy envelope stock, they wrinkle badly going through the fuser.
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