asked Feb 1, 2003 at 11:15am
Hp HP LaserJet 4M

HP Laserjet 4m

I have a Laserjet 4m with the extra paper tray addon and a "laser card" that is all the info I can find on the card in the MIO slot. I don't know much about printers so I ran over the net and found you guys. I can't find any paper inside any of the paper guides, and the printer passes it's self test when I turn it on. But when I run the self test in the menu I get a paper jam 13 error. I looked all though the printer and I cant find any paper anywhere. I don't think it is having a hard time picking up paper from the tray. I then poked around and ran the engine test and I got a sheet out of it, but other runs of that test have produced paper jam 13 errors which the paper gets stuck in the back of the printer. After about an hour of poking around in the printer I finally got a WinXP test page out of it but the bottom of the paper is crunched, like it is trying to push the paper too fast and the top part of the paper is not moving as fast as the bottom. I'm pretty new to printer repair so if someone could help me out I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

P.S. what is this Belkin laser card?
I ran some more tests and it is apparent I need the rear paper jam kit. I have tested all 3 trays now. The manual tray feeds fine, but both of the trays have a hard time picking up the paper. The paper rollers appear to be in good shape it might just be the paper I'm using. What I'm more conserned about are the faint grey bars that it is printing on the page longways. I recognise this as some sort of roller problem? Please help thanks again.

P.S. This is a new printer for me, a local school was going to throw it out so I picked it up. This is my first attempt to get it running. If you guys can suggest a once over check list or something I can run it through it would help. Thanks.
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I fixed the grey bars. The printer was dirty. Is there anything I can do to fix the rear rollers before I buy the kit?
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The big grey pick up rollers you could clean them with rubbing Alcohol if they are not shining. As for the exit jam: if you are getting the according jam, you could check if the exit rollers and the rollers at teh back are dirty or not try using Alcohol to clean them but I doubt that would help. The exit according jam kit from this site will fix the problem. If you got the printer for free, you got yourself a great deal on a cool printer.

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Thanks bunch I'll definately try cleaning everything out I haven't had much time to look at it. And I will second that on the cool printer I have seen these things spit out a million plus pages and just keep going. That is why I snagged it. But I have to tell you.. I got a TRUCK load of stuff that this laser came in and I have a bunch of printers here.. none as cool as this one but mostly basic bubble jets I'm cleaning up and giving out to peeps who need em. I also have a laser 3 that is giving me the 50 service error.. I don't know if I will fix it tho since the kit is 70 bucks and I can get a referb laser 4 for 100 on ebay. Thanks a bunch I'll try cleaning it and let you know.
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Well I got some rubber cleaner/conditioner and went over all the upper rollers and now the rear paper jam problem is solved, now I have the grey bars printing again I checked the tonor cartridge and there is some rather large piles of tonor building up on the "green" roller. So I'm going to replace the tonor cartridge which I think will fix that. Thanks for the help guys the resources on this site got this printer working for me. Thanks again.
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Hello, I'm experiencing paperjam error 13 everytime I try to print.
The paper prints but fails to process all the way thru to the rear exit.
It gets stuck before passing (I think) under the fuser.
Any ideas? Could be dirt or dust?

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Either the fuser coupling gear or the fuser roller heat gear. The coupling gear is visible if you remove the toner cartridge and look in the right rear corner. It will be a yellowish looking gear about 1 inch in diameter on a metal bracket. If you see some missing teeth, that would be the culprit. You can also remove the fuser assembly and check the gear in that as well. Instructions are in the reference section under EX fuser. The coupler gear is available in the kits section. If you need the fuser gear instead, email me.
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