asked Jan 27, 2003 at 9:53am
Hp HP DeskJet Plus

Scanner Motor Repair

I have an HPIIP Plus that gives an error 52. I can hear the scanner motor spin up. I think that I hear a slight spin down...or minor oscillation in the speed...but this is quite subjective.

I removed the part and it is an RG1-1960. And, I note that there is a "newer?" part listed for this on the HP website.

The part is in pristine condition. I dont see any burns or obvious indications of catastrophic failure...and I have heard to motor spinning...so there is power...maybe some of the signals are not being transmitted or generated?

Hense, I tend to think (but what do I know) that it is something to do with a change in part value(perhaps some of the caps) or a loose wire or bad connector...rather than a more complete failure of the board.

I wonder, is there a way to check and fix this board? Is there a circuit diagram for it somewhere? Would it be possible to power it up externally, and observe whether it is functioning properly?

I know that it is easier to replace the board...but seeing as I do not have a car...I am a student...and parts cost a lot...compared to what the printer is worth...I think that it is worth a shot to try and repair the board.

Does anyone have any suggestions?