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Hp HP DeskJet 870C

HP 870C won't print yellow

I've got an HP 870C that refuses to print yellow. I've changed the cartridge several times to no avail...any ideas?
hHi,I've got the same yellow problem with my HP722C. Did you ever solve your problem? If so I'd like to know the answer. If I get the answer first, I'll try to let YOU know.Thanks,Mike
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hHi,I've got the same yellow problem with my HP722C. Did you ever solve your problem? If so I'd like to know the answer. If I get the answer first, I'll try to let YOU know.Thanks,Mike
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Sorry Mike, I still haven't figured it out but keep me posted if you figure out your printer. Thanks
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My HP 810C was printing fine - then last week I lost the yellow output as well. I thought it was the cartidge, but a new one proved that was not the case! Then I took the old cartridge and brought it into my work printer (same model number) and voila! Yellow! So I know its not the cartridge! Anyone know what's causing this?
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I think the problem may be the gold spring loaded connector pins that mate to the little gold pads on the cartridge. You can see the pins poking out at you when you remove the cartridge. I had one that after removing an old cartridge, had some of the little springs "stuck", and the pins dirty. Alittle cleaning solution on a swab might do the trick. The only other cause migh be the ribbon cable going to the print head, but that's a professional repair job. Good luck
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My HP 722C quit printing the yellow. It shows lack of yellow on self test as well as regular printouts. I changed cartridges, no help, changed PRINTERS(to another 722C), no help, removed and reloaded software, no help. Cables appear to be correct and tight. Got any ideas?
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My HP722C quit printing yellow. It doesn't print in self-test or in other printing modes. I changed the cartridge, no change; I changed the PRINTER (to another HP722C), no change; I reloaded the software for the printer, no change. The cables are correct and appear to be tightly connected. Got any ideas?
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Sandy: Its always possible that you may still have a bad cartridge, or in this case bad cartridges. You can have more than one bad ink cartridge, even if they are actual new HP ink cartridges. For some strange reason, yellow seems to be the color to fail the most often [see the info on the yellow cartridge problem below]. Its also possible that you could have an expired cartridge or cartridges and they could simply not be working correctly [check the age date on the cartridge or the box it came in]. Its even possible that dirty electrical contacts are causing problems, or even a possible hardware/parts failure in your printer, but thats less common then bad ink cartridges. As the electrical contacts are easy to clean, try that first. With your printer turned on as normal, simply open the Top Cover and the "Print Cartridge Holder Assembly" will move over to around the center position. With the print cartridge holder assembly in the approximate center position, simply unplug the power cord from the back or side of the printer. That holder assy will now easily slide back and forth by hand and you can easily remove the cartridges for cleaning. Using damp Q-tips [not wet or dripping], gently and carefully wipe off the copper colored electrical plates on the cartridges and the electrical contacts inside the holder assy. Its best to use "Distilled Water", because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems. Use new dry Q-Tips to dry off all the electrical contacts after cleaning.....THIS INFO WAS POSTED BY MOE EARLIER ON THE YELLOW INK PROBLEM: moe 8/31/2002 09:16:59 Re: HP 722C DeskJet Printer--No Yellow Ink...In a discussion with an HP tech who used to repair inkjets for HP, I was told the problem was defective ink cartridges. If you buy more cartridges from the same place, you'll likely get another from the same bad batch. The problem seems to be confined to Yellow. You have to look at the boxes and check the country of mfg. They make them in several different countries, like Puerto Rico, Singapore, Ireland. See if you can find one from a different country than the defective one. That is if you still have the box... and ...moe 8/12/2002 22:16:41 Re: HP 712C Deskjet My understanding is that HP had problems with yellow cartridges at a couple of its manufacturing plants. If you got both cartridges from the same store, they both could have come from the same bad lot. I'd return them to the store for a refund. Each cartridge has the country of mfg. on it. I think Puerto Rico was one that had problems and I believe Singapore also had problems. I can't be sure. Just make sure you get a different country code... and ...moe 4/14/2002 18:50:06 Re: Bad batch of 51644Y? HP seems to have a problem with yellow in their cartridges. If you're getting them all from the same store, they're probably from the same lot. Return the defective ones and demand your money back. Tell them you don't want a replacement because all the cartridges they have are bad. Then go and buy it from another store. Check the cartridge box for country of mfg. and try and find one from a different country...Good Luck! Denny Conway
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Thank you, thank you, Denny! We have YELLOW!!! We read through your message and had done everything except buy new cartridges. I bought a new cartridge today at Office Depot (in Dallas, TX) and made them look through every one they had out on the rack for the latest expiration date (June 2006). I also noticed on the package that it says limited warranty to six months after the install date on the package. I still had the original package so the six months from Sept 2004 was March 2005, and I installed the cartridge on April 10. This would mean that these cartridges have a maximum life of 18 months. Just FYI, the Office Depot guys told me that most of theirs come from China, Taiwan and Puerto Rico. All the ones that I had were from Puerto Rico and were (as above) beyond the install date. They also said that their experience has been better when they come from the closest overseas source, citing heat issues while inside the shipping containers. So of their three suppliers, they recommended Puerto Rico. They also stated that they recommend printing a full color page at least once a week to help keep the ink from drying up in the cartridge. We have had such good experience with HP printers over the years that it is very disappointing to find how extensive the ink problem is considering all the requests for help for this problem that I saw online. - Anonymous
Thanks a lot Denny. I had the same problem on my 720C. On checking the "install by" date,sure enough it was out of date by about a year & like you said, made in Puerto Rico. I bought a new cartridge today from W H Smith, Airdrie, Scotland and eureka my colour problem is resolved. This time I made sure it was in a plastic sealed pack and with a future install date.This one was made in Singapore. While I was searching through the stock I noticed that most cartridges were out of date and made in Puerto Rico. Denny, if it were food the store would be closed down! Thanks again. - Anonymous
I've spent countless hours trying to fix this problem through HP. I found this solution through Google. Like everyone else, I'm pissed I had to throw out 2 good color cartridges. Nice to know it's not the actual printer.
THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Anonymous
Sandy: You're welcome! I'm glad that you were able to correct your printers problem so easily, except for the cost of the new ink cartridge of course. Good job...Denny Conway
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My printer's yellow died also. HP Deskjet 895Cxi.
Your recommendations saved my day! Though it killed me to throw out a new cartridge - it became obvious that was the problem when the test page had yellows and greens! Too late to get a refund or anything, though - rats!
Thank You
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Colleen: You're welcome! I'm glad some of our info was able to help you correct your printers problem. Good Job!...Denny Conway
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Anonymous w/720C: You're welcome! I'm glad that info helped you to correct your printers color printing problem. Good job!...Denny Conway
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It seems like yellow is always the color that "runs out" first. (in my HP DJ 932C printer, C6578 cartridge) I wonder now if I just had connection problems at the cartridge....hmmm. This is the printer I'll have to take in to get cleaned up anyway: one or both cartridges have leaked over the years!

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Blot the cartridge nozzles on a damp paper towel. You should see yellow, magenta, and cyan if the cartridge is good.
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Sheesh, Denny copies and pastes my responses and he gets to be President. Can I be Vice President?
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I apologize!

MOE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Denny- you're the vice president. Remember computers crash so there's always hope.
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My HP 920C won't print yellow, and I just noticed that all (5) my cartridges are at least 2 years old. I bought them for half price at a weekend computer show at a hotel, over a year ago, and I just replaced my first color cart last week. Boy was I surprized. Tomorrow I'll go out and buy some new (unexpired) ones ... and pay full price @#$*&\%!
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Amazing thread! It's so frustrating to have these printer problems. I had the same "yellow problem" with my 712c and googled "hp deskjet 712c troubleshoot yellow" and got your thread. Turns out my cartridge says "Puerto Rico Feb 2004." Thank you for your help.
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Perform the Blot Test

Remove cartridge from machine, fold a paper towel back over a couple of times so it is about 4 layers thick, shake cartridge up and down hard, shake it over a sink unless you want to clean ink off the floor.

Now blot the nozzles of the cartridge on the paper towel, for a black cartridge you should see two black stripes, for a color cartridge you should see three colored stripes, if you don't have all stripes the cartridge is clogged or bad.

Have you checked the expiration date on the cartridges you are using?

Are you installing new HP cartridges, or refills?

You may be able to recover a clogged cartridge by swishing the tip in a saucer with a very small amount of warm water, then gently wiping it on a wet paper towel, be gentle the nozzles are delicate.

And do not trust the ink gauge on the PC, cartridges can dry up from the machine just sitting, the cartridges are vented, venting is necessary to let air in so that a vacuum won't develop in the cartridge.
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First, thanks for the help. I lost both yellow and blue (cyan) in the middle of a picture. Replaced the cartridge, no help. Looked at the date, Apr 2004! Re-replaced the cartridge, SUCCESS!!
Now for another question: Is there any way to extend the life of these cartridges (on the shelf or in the printer)?? It kinda sucks having to throw away a new cartridge.
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I just think that Hp needs to fix their shipping tecniques or their factories. It pisses me off that we have tried to print prom pictures and it won't do the yellow. grrrrr. Well thanks to danny or moe, whoever said it first. I will surely look into the exparation dates and where they are made.
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Had trouble with an aftermarket cartridge for a 970Cse. Put in new one. Still the same. After reading and doing everything mentioned here, in desperation, I finally blew hard into the CYAN (the colour I was missing) vent hole. Voila! I have all three colours. I think I'll try it with the old cartridge, too.
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Well, for the records, here's another HP Printer for the line up of non-yellow printing printers.

HP Deskjet 890C Professional Series

Color Ink Cartridge:
HP 23 - Puerto Rico 2006

HINT: You can use a yellow highlighter to color in all the missing
yellow portions of your printed papers.

Also, if you have a heroin needle and some yellow ink, you can
try to refill the yellow reserves manually therefore resulting
in a huge mess that will leak all over those responsible for
this yellow boycott once the cartridge is returned. Maybe if
their hands are stained yellow for a while, they'll be more
careful when transporting these cartridges.
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Glad I found this. Has anyone written to HP demanding a refund on all the cartridges you've tried?

I'm sure they got refunded from the crappy companies they contracted with to make the cartridges. Shouldn't we get some of that $ ?

I am royally ticked off about this. I think I'll get me a Canon Printer and chuck the HP crap.

Terry, 230RN
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Yup, there is something about that yellow ink...
I had the same problem with an 810C (812C) printer.
I was skeptical that it was the cartridge after trying about 6 cartridges of various ages. They all seemed unresponsive on the yellow even after several cleaning cycles and even blowing into the vent holes. I thought it must be the ribbon cable or something failed in the printer and was ready to take it all apart. However after looking at this post I tried yet another newer cartridge and finally it worked. Seems there is something about that yellow ink. (However, I have also had trouble in the past with blue.)
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Trying to get the yellow started on my cartridge I found this site. It is the best instructions I've found yet for re-filling my ink and getting the ink running again. https://www.oddparts.com/ink/hp75.htm
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I have several old (Puerto Rico, Nov 2007) HP 23 cartridges that someone was throwing away. Still in the original unopened boxes. I put one in my trusty HP Deskjet 832C and everything was fine except there was no yellow output. Wiping a tissue across the print head gave me a red and blue streak but no yellow. I tried soaking the head in hot water (as suggested above) but that made all the output worse. I had to throw that cartridge away.

I opened another old cartridge (again, no yellow printing). This time I tried blowing hard into the vent hole above the yellow side of the print head, as suggested by Anonymous (9/28/07 post). Now I was getting a yellow streak on the tissue! I put it back into the printer, and printed a page containing a bunch of text in yellow and other colors. Some yellow words appeared, but they faded away toward the bottom of the page. I blew into the hole again, and now the yellow output is holding up and appears to be here to stay.

Many thanks to Anonymous.
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