asked Feb 6, 2001 at 8:54pm
Hp HP LaserJet 6L

HP LaserJet 6L - fusing problem and roller marks

Hi Moe,

Text printed on the left hand side (approx. 1 inch) sometimes rubs off - not all text, just a few characters here and there (though I don't TRY to rub it off so maybe it would). Maybe this is a fusing issue? Also if you hold the paper in the light just right there appears to be verticle roller marks 2 inches wide on the left side starting at about .5". Do you think these problems are related?

Is there a printer kit(s) to fix my printer?
Thanks in advance!
Hi Sue,

I've seen this a couple of times, and it's been an issue related to the film assy, and on a few occasions with a damaged pressure roller too - I'm sure Moe has a kit for you... we've also seen a couple of machines just recently with huge page counts, where even a new film assembly & pressure roller didn't help - the machine had seen so much use that either they couldn't get enough pressure in the fuser area, or the frame had physically warped - but that was with a heck of a lot of use...

Stuart Elflett
Easy Parts
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