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Hp HP DeskJet 300

Moe More Details on my Problem PLW 300

Here's a better description of my laserwriter personal 300 problem. Upon power up there is no sequencing of lights, no fan activity, nothing. the only light that comes on it when I open the lid to access to toner cartride which is brand new. I have the cover off and looked for possible paper out sensors but even when the paper tray is out it only lights the top LED. I have found a button that can be pressed inside behind the interface board and tried that to no avail. now should this printer power up and test even without being connected to my mac? oh yeah and I don't have the original install disks for it if that makes any difference and I am running os 8.6
I also heard rumor that this printer is very much like the hp 4l and you could get either an ethernet board for it to replace the serial connection or a parallel or serial(not sure) board to connect to a pc. If any of this true? I apologize for my ignorance but I love this printer and would love to get it working. I have tried in the past to hook it up to a pc using the pc's serial port (I realize they are two totally diff type of serial ports now that I am older and somewhat wiser =) (not parallel)and at that time I think I recall the lights cycleing. The first time I hooked it up to my apple IIgs it did warm and I heard the fan for the only time up but never again. I know this is quite a lengthy set of questionq but I've been trying for 4 years to get this thing going and your site seems to be a god send for the info I need. I checked your kits out and none seem to address my problem. Please help if you dont mind taking the time. Thank you very much
PS. Even a repair diagram of where sensors are located and stuff would be nice
again sorry for the unstructured lengthy message but I'm in a bit of a rush
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It shares the same engine as the 4L a Canon PX engine. There are 3 sensors. One you can see if you look down the manual feed, little skinny black arm sticking up left of center. There is another skinny arm just behind the roller inside, that's the registration sensor. The last one is behind the fuser assembly. You can see it if you lower the back door. One of these will give you the false paper jam.
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