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Epson Epson Artisan 700

The Rulez of Spoolz

I recently picked up a brand spankin' new Epson Stylus C82. Removed the old Photo 700 we had (which has mechanical problems, otherwise worked fine) and installed it in the same port on our HP Print Server box. Installed the drivers on my XP machine and voila, it works great. Installed the drivers on a 98 machine in the office and poof! Spool32 error while installing the driver. Doh! Hey look under Printers, there it is. I can open the properties and look around, but if I print a test page, Spool32 error. The connection is TCP/IP and port 2 on the print server, just like the old Epson Photo 700. I called Epson tech support and they said "Spool32, thats an operating system error." Err. duh. I figured that much. Basically, they don't know and blamed the OS. Even though the old printer was setup fine through these 98 machines. (I tried installing on three different windows 98 machines) They suggested that I try changing the spool settings. (Which I am currently screwing around with, but it locks up the Printer setup screen and such, so I have to End Task a bunch every time I try to Print a Test).

I will pass on any information I find out otherwise all help is appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that when I try to delete the printer from the Printer folder, I get the same error and I basically can not uninstall the software. :(

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And for the triple post..

Here's the workaround:

Basically I had installed the printer local on my XP machine and now I can install it on Win98 machines. Not my preferred solve, but better than Epson Tech Support offered. My guess is that the 98 driver doesn't want to talk to the HP Print Server. Since Epson sells an ethernet connector for this printer for about the same price as the printer, I guess they really don't want it to talk with an old HP Printer Server.

And for deleting the printer from the Print folder, I changed the port to LPT1 and then I could delete it.

Hope someone can use this info..
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