asked Jan 23, 2003 at 12:27am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

Pro 630 "out of paper"

Every now and then my Apple Laserwriter Pro 630 likes to pretend it's out of paper when there is plenty in the tray. Even though I add even more paper to the tray, it does not make a difference, the printer refuses to print and the yellow "paper out" light remains lit. This of course stops any jobs from printing. However, once the printer is restarted, the "go light" is green and everything works fine for a bit. What gives?
A dirty optical sensor could cause that. When it's full of paper, the sensor is unblocked allowing the light to shine on the photocell. If the sensor was dirty it could cause an intermittent reading on the photocell. Take the tray out and you'll see a plastic arm dangling. the optical sensor is the U shaped piece the arm goes in and out of. Blow it with some canned air or clean it with a dry cotton swab.
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