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Hp HP LaserJet 6L

HP LaserJet 6L sucks in too many sheets

Hi there. Useful site by the way.

I've trawled the archives and can't find the
answer to this. Recently requisitioned an HP Laser
Jet 6L, which sucks in too many sheets, all the
damn time. Read in a review that this is a common
problem, and the solution is to get inside and
tighten a few screws. The problem is, I can't get
inside! Removed 2 screws on the back, 2 under the
lid.. but didn't take any off the base.

Also once I'm inside, what exactly am I looking
for? Has anyone fixed this, without resorting to
other devices? I don't think our budget would
stretch beyond a screwdriver...

Thanks in advance.
What you need is the HP LaserJet 5L/6L
Multiple-Sheet/No Feed Repair Kit from this site.
The problem is caused by 3 rubber coated components 'losing their stickiness'.
Moe's kit not only has the components in it
but comes with a video/CD showing the entire replacemnet procedure
including how to get the case open.
U have used the kit and it works!

Kenny MacIsaac
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