asked Sep 10, 2000 at 1:32pm
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Personal LaserWriter NTR Repair Kit question

Hi. I have a Personal LaserWriter NTR that's currently troubled. Whenever I turn it on, it starts to start up normally, then right about the time it would spit out the test page it flashes the bottom two amber lights (one has a piece of paper next to it, the other is the International Paper Jam symbol). Is this the problem that would be fixed by the 2 Blinking Lights repair kit? (I think it is, just thought I'd check and make sure...)
It should fix the problem you describe. You'll probably notice the absence of the little whining sound just before the page prints. It could also have a warbled quality to it and cause the problem. This is the scanner motor spinning up to proper operating speed. If it doesn't achieve it, you'll get the blinking lights.
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