asked Feb 5, 2001 at 5:10pm
Hp HP DeskJet 692C

HP 692c how to remove cover

Can anyone tell me how to get the cover off my HP 692C? (It prints only when it feels like it now, usually quitting partway through a page.)

It seems to make a new "clunk" on the left side so I think it's a mechanical problem...
Get a small board and two long nails (2-3 inches)Look on the bottom of the printer for two holes near the back about 4 inches apart. Measure the space between the holes and drive the nails through the board so that they are the measured distance apart. Carefully set the printer on this contraption so the nails go through the holes. This should allow you to remove the rear cover.take the two torx screws out of the paper tray area. Use a couple of screwdrivers to hold the plastic stops in on one side and lift that side upand repeat for the other side. Pretty soon you'll have the printer sitting in your lap, sans the covers. After the first time, it's a lot easier!
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