asked Feb 5, 2001 at 3:50pm
Unknown Printer


Hi, I've been having probs with my LP-530 as per my previous post. I've tried to do some troubleshooting myself in the mean time. I go to print a page of very bold print and then turn off the printer just when I think that it is printing at the developer and drum unit. Now, that print has the above "white lines" just as it leaves the developer (toner on the drum has the characteristic missing toner). The developer magnetic roller doesn't show any problems where the "white lines" (2) should be. Again I have just replaced the drum and the developer and the "white lines" are consistent with the old developer and drum! Help Thanks
The problem you're describing is contamination in the developer section. Usually it's cat hair. The cat hair gets behind the doctor blade and you get the characteristic white line where the toner can't get properly metered onto the developer sleeve. What we do in the shop is turn the developer roller backward. The contaminant will come around and you can pick it off with a tweezers.
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