asked Feb 5, 2001 at 8:44am
Unknown Printer

Laserjet 5L

Can anyone tell me how to align the paper feed gears on a LJ 5L? I (stupidly) didn't mark the existing alignment of the gears when I replaced the paper pick-up roller assy and the separation pads. Now the paper won't feed because it's being held above the pick-up roller by the plastic arms on the roller assy. When I force the paper to drop in by lifting the arms, it stops feeding at the toner cartridge. Help!
The large gear you take off only goes on one way. Of course I've had people force it on. There is a small cut out on one side and a larger cut out on the other side. It mates with protrusions on the end of the roller shaft. Just match the small one up with the small one and push the gear down. You could also have put the roller on upside down. When the roller is parked, the end that hits the paper should be away from the paper.
by moe on Feb 5, 2001 at 2:27pm Add comment
Oops, must have put on my dummy cap! I forgot to put the two plastic arms in place behind the metal ridge with the slots in it. Thanks very much for your suggestions - they made me look very closely at how I had it installed. Once again, you're a real time-saver.
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