asked Jan 14, 2003 at 12:23pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

One good working printer out of LJ3 and 2 lw ii's?

I bought a lot of computer hardware from an auction a few years back and thought I would test out the laser printers. I got 2 apple laserwriter ii's (one is an f, the other is an sc) and an HP laserjet III.

The lw IIf worked for a while, although I suspect the ozone filter was dead for some time as it smelled funny every time it printed.. but it now has the 2 red blinking lights problem. I just tested out the IIsc and it has the same problem.

The laserjet III works (prints ok via parallel port), but there are two problems. First, the printouts are VERY DIRTY. The image is ghosted (light impression) 5 or 6 inches above where it's supposed to go. Also I get smudges of varying degrees generally on the left margin. The second problem is feeding.. it feeds from the manual although sometimes with trouble. It won't feed at all from the paper bin.

My questions: I know the IIf's feeding mechanism works, so is there any way I can use the parts off of it for the feeding problem? Also after reading through the archives the dirty print problem seems fixable with a new and good quality toner cartridge..

Overall it seems the SX engine paper jam kit will fix things if necessary. I don't know anything about laser printers so I took apart the IIsc for kicks, and am trying to get the roller assembly. But before I go any farther in taking it apart anyone with any advice? Should I just get the kit or try to repair with what I have?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
This is just my own personal opinion here but, if you are going through the trouble of disassembling the printer, go ahead and put new rubber in it rather than a used roller that may, even though it works now, be almost worn out. You'll save yourself from possibly having to do the whole thing over again very soon. The repair kit will also have instructions that will show you exactly how far you have to disassemble the printer.
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