asked Feb 4, 2001 at 2:29pm
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Epson 600/inkJet Head Cleaning Solution

The instructions that come with the Epson InkJet Head Cleaning Solution don't specify whether or not a new cartridge should be used after step # 8 and before step # 9 - "Pull out the cartridge you are having the problem with and inject a small amount of the cleaning fluid directly into the ink hole." I've already been through 4 black ink cartridges and am curious as to whether taping over the hole in the cartridge is an effective solution to throwing away brand new cartridges - the protocol, not surprisingly, suggested by Epson. Thanks for any tips.
If the cartridge contains ink, there's no reason to throw it away. If you follow the procedure, the printer has no idea that the cartridge has been removed. If you get a good seal on the hole, it should keep the ink from drying out. BTW, do you really thing Epson makes any money selling printers. I doubt it costs them more than $1 to make an ink cartridge. Big profits there!
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