asked Jan 13, 2003 at 11:27am
Hp HP LaserJet 4

HP LJIII Post-Jam Fuser Problem"


I finally got the chance this weekend to install the paper jam repair kit for the HP LJ III I got from you last month. It was straightforward and the video made it pretty easy. Although there was one plastic gear left over (a 20-tooth gear with a longer shaft bushing than the one which matched the extracted gear), I had to assume that was an optional gear applicable to one of the other models in the kit since the video only presented replacement of 4 gears -- 2 in the fuser and 2 in the rear mechanism.

On powering the printer, it ran through the self-test up to a point (where the panel lights go off before engaging the engine near the end) when the LCD displayed a "50 Service" error message. [Boo, hiss, snarl at machine....] Turning off for a half-hour doesn't change this, nor did removal of the fuser assembly and reinstallation to ensure I'd gotten it placed correctly. Everything appears to be properly in its correct placement and orientation.

This would indicate I need to replace something in the fuser assembly (and it appears most likely from the various forum messages that it's the AC board), so I'll probably be ordering the fuser repair kit from you shortly. However, just to be on the safe side, are there any other possibilities that should be checked out first? All I have is an analog multitester that won't measure something in the mega-ohm range as indicated for testing the fuser lamp.

The order page indicates a $20 credit with provision of the old AC board. Unless you say differently, I'm assuming you expect the old board to be sent in after it's extracted when the new kit is installed, rather than provided first.

Thanks for the assistance!