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Hp HP LaserJet 4L

LaserJet 4L Door Hinge Failure

Sometime in the last 5 years I unplugged our HP Laserjet 4L printer and put it on a shelf. Yesterday I decided to put it up for sale. I took it down to run a self-test to see if it still ran. My first stop was to check if there was a toner cartridge in place. I pushed the button to open the top door, I heard a loud click, and the door came away in my hand. It had cracked at the square holes that are part of the hinge assembly. I can't quickly find the original invoice, but the documentation suggests the early '90s. I guess that ABS plastic is not a 'forever' material. Is this becoming a common problem, or is ours the 'tip of the proverbial iceberg?'

Is there a quick, inexpensive fix?

Can I run a self-test with a loose top door?

My notes tell me that we replaced the motor with one of Moe's kits in September 2002.


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Tops are kind of hard to come by. You could try gluing the broken pieces with Gorilla Glue. Another drawback to selling it is that the toner cartridge will most likely fail. 5 years sitting idle is pretty much terminal for a cartridge. Finding someone to buy a 20 year old printer that does 4 pages a minute and has no USB support would be difficult. I doubt you could sell it for what a replacement cartridge would cost.
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