asked Jul 22, 2015 at 11:05am
Hp HP DeskJet 600

HP LaserJet 600 M602 broken toner sensor?

End user put in the wrong toner in and broke a part in the printer. Pictures are attached. I do not know what the part is even called. Toner cartridge detection sensor ? I could not find anything in the service manual on it.

I would attach pics if I could, but it is the part inside the printer where to toner cartridge chip would be detected by the printer. It resides inside the toner cavity, where you insert the toner on the top under the laser scanner. IT is black with two gold contact springs sticking out if that helps.

Wondering if anyone knows if there is a part number or if such part is even available for the HP LaserJet 600 M602.
The best I can tell from what you are describing is the Memory Tag Holder Assembly (RM1-4539-000CN) item # 8 from Figure 4-6; page 414 of the M600 series Service Manual. Internal Components 2 of 3 diagram.
They are available from the HP Parts Store for $13-$14.

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