asked Jul 14, 2015 at 12:28pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Strange HP 4050 Paper Jam 13.20

Wife was running a job on printer when a 13.20 paper jam occurred. Cleaned out paper in pathways and now, when restarting, the machine pushes out 4 blank pages followed by a paper jam on the 5th with 13.20 indicated. Top page is usually half way out of the machine with another leaving the paper tray. All jobs have been canceled. Factory reset accomplished. Always 4 blank pages pushed out followed by jam on the 5th. Any thoughts? Thank you for whatever help you can provide.
This is a easy one. The "L" arm of the solenoid that controls the pickup assembly from tray 2 has come off so there is nothing to stop the paper from moving when the motor assembly turns. Do a google search for the service manual. You have to separate the printer into the two parts so the paper feeder is by itself. You remove all the screws that secures the cover of the feeder and the solenoid is located on the right side towards the front. Should have 2 black wires going to it.
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I love smart guys. Thanks. I'll start working on it. Thanks again!
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I've never seen an arm come off. I have seen them where the sponge deteriorated to the point that the arm never released from the sticky residue. After you get the solenoid out, make sure you scrape off the gooey part under the plate and replace it with some thin sticky backed felt. You can find that at a hardware store. They use it for the bottom of chair legs. Make sure it is thin as if it is too thick the plate won't go down far enough to release the roller.
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Thanks Moe,
Once I get down to the solenoid, I'll know what I'm dealing with. It's interesting that it is always on the 5th sheet of paper that the jam occurs. Weird. Thank you!
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This is because the printer always initializes in the same amount of time. During the initialization routine motors turn and other actions take place. By the time the printer reaches the stage where it can detect a problem 4 sheets have come out of the printer and the printer now thinks there is a jam or other issue as the dc controller detects paper moving without any information coming into the printer. Also it is possible the "L" arm has come off since sometimes when removing a jam if the paper is moved a certain way it moves the shaft that is held in place by the "L" arm and it comes loose or stuck in a position that does not stop the roller assembly from turning.
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Thank you both for the advice and info. ALL of us budget minded consumers truly appreciate the time and effort you all put into helping complete strangers out with their individual issues. Again, thanks!
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