asked May 31, 2015 at 6:53pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Apple LaserWriter IINT flashing red lights dilemma

About a week ago, I got a LaserWriter IINT from someone for free and I wanted to try to get it running again. I will note it has been probably been sitting in non climate controlled shed or storage unit for the past 15+ years. When I brought it home, it didn't initially have this problem. I plugged it in and sounded fine, only light it had on was the out of paper light (probably because it had no paper and it was missing the paper tray). I loaded a piece of paper in it, hit the switches and did an engine test. It printed a solid black page with borders (I assume the borders mark where the lines ended). I assumed it was the toner cartridge I doubt 15+ years of New England weather did it much good.

A day or two later, upon cold starting, it would flash the paper out and paper jam lights. Turing it off, waiting 10mins, and turning it back on solved the problem. Now, out of the blue, that doesn't fix the blinking lights anymore. I know its not the fuser as when I hit the door switch and look at it, it still glows (though much dimmer than before).

Looking at other posts, I assume the problem is the AC power supply, though I am wondering is there a way to test that and is there a way to repair it? The only AC power supply for a LaserWriter II I can find is one for an IIg, but its $100 and I am not sure if it would also fit the IINT.

I'm really not sure how I should proceed if it's worth fixing at this point or if I should just give it to the next person to try to fix it. Any suggestions for me (please also note that getting to that part is probably going to be a pain, the previous person to work on it rounded a screw on the cover set)?