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Epson Artisan 837 Cyan Ink Blotches-leaking

I have an Epson Artisan 837. I have been having problems with the cyan ink. I recently had a problem where the printer was not recognizing the cyan ink cartridge ( Epson cartridge). The printer basically stops working until it is resolved. Tried getting a new cartridge but it still wouldn't recognize it. I then tried unplugging the printer, taking the cartridges out and putting them back in. Anyways, got a new cyan cartridge and put it in. The problem went away, however it was not showing up on my prints. Looking closer I saw that the tube going from the cartridge to the print head was empty. I took out the cartridges after unplugging the computer with the print head not locked in. I removed the print head and then disconnected the ink lines from the print head. I ran cleaning fluid through the line as well as over the print head ( pulling in and out with the syringe to clean any possible clogs). I then ran cyan ink through the lines so it was filled again, cleaned everything off and put it back together. I think I turned it on too soon ( must have still been a little wet because I think it shorted out). Waited a few days until it was dry and turned it on again. Started printing fine again and ran a good nozzle check. A few days later I noticed cyan ink blotches appearing on the pages I printed. I took out the print head and wiped it clean of all the cyan ink and put it back together. My inks were running low so I hooked up my CIS ink system and it started working again. Now a few days later when I went to print some pictures it looks like the cyan line from the cartridge to the print head is empty again. I again took out the print head and disconnected the line to fill it back up, but when all was completed it is still leaking cyan went I print. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...

Just encountered same problem (with light magenta) and discovered it was my own fault! There's an adhesive-backed piece of aluminum foil that serves as one wall of the ink channels in the white plastic transition junction where it connects to the printhead. In trying to clean the printhead, I apparently nicked that foil, but didn't notice when I reassembled, so I created a real mess in the printer. I cleaned everything up and then carefully (to cover the damage but not plug the ink channel) smeared a light coating of Goop household cement over the nicked hole, let it cure for about 6 hours, put everything together, and the leaking stopped.

It did not, however, solve my overall problem: bad nozzle check printouts that are not consistent, with different colors showing gaps or missing entirely on different checks. The problem may be caused by significant air bubbles showing up at different times in different color tubes. I have run through a whole set of six ink cartridges trying to use the head cleaning routine in the printer, to no avail. The bubbles continue. That's just too costly to continue to try to fix this. Tomorrow it goes to the re-cyclers. I have purchased a new Brother MFC-J450dw for $50 on sale (it got good reviews) and will stay away from Epson in the future -- way too complicated (their service manual is over 450 pages long) and rigid tech support (they wouldn't even talk to me once they knew I was using non-Epson ink cartridges).

Gook Luck with the cyan!

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Update 10/29/15: returned the Brother MFC-J450dw to store. Installation/setup instrux almost incomprehensible, 45 minutes on hold with customer support just to ask an install question (got no answer). Further research of customer reviews suggests 20%+ of buyers had similar problems. Don't need that kind of headache. - mycarousel15
same Exact issue waiting for epson to respond this seems to be an issue that requires a product recall. time to make a stick
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I have the exact same issue with the Epson Artisan 837 and Cyan. I have replaced the cartridge 5 times now and eventually get the same problem back fairly soon. I think it started about 6 months ago but purchasing the ink cartridges from Best Buy has cost me $52 per time which equates to more than I spent for the printer. I called Epson Support finally today and they told me the printer needs to go in for service and wouldn't give my any advice on how I could potentially fix myself. They gave me 3 locations I could bring the printer, all of which were more than 30 miles away and frankly not worth the trip due to traffic issues I'd have to deal with to get to each location. Sounds like they definitely have a production issue that would require a recall BUT not sure without a class action type suit, they would ever do it due to their expenses incurred. I feel like an idiot for replacing the cartridge but seemed like my kids discovered the printer isn't working when trying to print for school assignments so I run to the store for the ink replacement and never address the Root Cause, until now but looks as though there is no simple fix. - timville

Whenever the ink cartridge is not recognized it means there is a problem in ink cartridge or printer recognition system. Here some ways to fix this issue that I get in Epson Artisan 837 Manual. Try these:

  1. Confirm the status of ink cartridges.
  2. Check the yellow tap/flap has been removed from cartridges. There is aeration hole. Make sure that this hole should be not closed because it stops the flow of ink.
  3. Wipe the cartridge chip with lint free cloth.
  4. Cartridge should be placed in correct slot.
  5. Check the your current cartridge is compatible with Epson printer.
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