asked Apr 14, 2015 at 6:39pm
Hp HP Color Copier 150

HP LaserJet 2200dn, tray 1, envelopes wont pickup


I just mail merged/ printed about 150 thick cards that are about the same shape and size as a DL envelope though a bit thicker.

All the cards are new and undamaged.

All went well until printing the last 10 or so.

The last 10 cards were 'snatched at' by the printer, with it needing two snatches to get the card inside the printer.

The last 3 cards the printer just couldn't drawn in at all. I had to push each card in, much further than normal, to trigger the printer to draw it further. Doing this the card printed sometimes and sometimes not. (I fed it back until it triggered the print response ie printed it.)

Possible problems ..

o Some issue with the black flag or some micro switch?

o The cards are slightly greasy/ glossy. Has this affected the grabber/ rollers ability to grab?

o Is there a possibility there is some issue with a solenoid somewhere?

I now need to print 150 standard white DL envelopes to go with the cards and the same problem is occurring.

I had a fairly extensive Google and couldn't find anything.

Anyone any ideas?

Thank you
Sounds like the tray 1 pick up roller or separation pad is worn and needs to be replaced.
Roller # RB2-2900-000CN
Sep. Pad # RF5-3272-000CN

If the roller gets a little worn it can have trouble picking up slicker media and eventually won't pick up anything.

by Ocicat on Apr 15, 2015 at 1:00pm Add comment
Thanks Ocicat.

That does help.

I took the printer apart this morning ..

o .. and checked that the black flag could move freely and was correctly sprung, and that it was passing through the optical switch correctly. The black flag was functioning correctly.

o .. and removed the the optical switch the black flag triggers and checked that it was not blocked with dust. It was not blocked with dust and was functioning correctly.

o .. and checked that the relay switch for tray 1 was not sticking. It was operating correctly.

o .. and took the lower rectangular bar part of the grabber out and cleaned it. It did not look worn.

I did not go so far as to take the roller out though it does not look worn at all.

It may however be fractionally greasy enough to completely change it's performance. It feels very rubbery/ grippy to touch.

I used tissue to clean the white pvc rollers each side of the rubber grabber and this, and perhaps the other things I have mentioned, helped in that the printer started drawing dl envelopes with "two snatches" rather than not pulling them through at all. Very occasionally an envelope would draw all the way through with only "one snatch" ie normal operation.

Is it the grey rubberised part, in the middle of the roller rod assembly, that you refer to, that i need to replace/ clean ?

I did not have any IPA (Iso Proponal Alcohol).

Thank you
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Yes, that is the pick up roller - you don't have to take the shaft out to replace it.
We currently have 14 LJ2200's where I work and I have replaced 7 or 8 without removing shaft.

The roller can be cleaned to restore some functionality but you can get both the sep pad and roller for less than $20 which beats the cost of a printer.
by Ocicat on Apr 15, 2015 at 3:34pm Add comment