asked Feb 12, 2015 at 8:50pm
Epson Epson Artisan 810

Epson Artisan 810 Firmware/CIS Chip Issue

Hi- I am new here, and I need some help. My Artisan 810 has worked great for around 4 yrs. and has had an inkproducts.com CIS on it since new. Haven't had any issues with either, until a week ago. I am having some ink delivery issues, but I'll get into that later.
The printer sat for some 6 mos. a year ago without use and in standby mode. When I came home, I ran a head cleaning, nozzle check, alignment, etc. All was fine, and I ordered some new ink and filled the tanks. Used it regularly until last summer when, again, it sat for a while. I went to use it about 2 weeks ago and the print quality was terrible. I looked at the tanks and they were below the minimum ink mark. So, I ordered more ink, a head cleaning kit, and a flush kit. I have been working on getting a good nozzle check pattern back and some other gremlins jump up. First, the waste ink pad warning came up and shut things down, so I installed the WIC Reset Utility and purchased a Key. Reset the counters, wrote down the firmware release, and went about my business. The issue now is that the ink cartridges are NOT being recognized, even after initiating the reset button. The Reset Chip is v5.5 and the original firmware was LW28AC. The WIC Utility tells me I have firmware LWO79C. My CIS source is sending me a v6.2 Reset Chip. How my firmware got updated is beyond me!...It appears to have happened when I reset the waste ink counters. I have never taken updates from Epson, nor downloaded anything from their site. I have reinstalled the printer a couple of times via the original installation CD. Even when I do that, I turn the network connection off in Windows Network Connections. I am thinking about buying another Key for the WIC Reset Utility and roll the firmware back. I am convinced that the firmware is at the heart of my printing issues- ALL of them!
I would be really interested in your logical opinions and guidance. This is, by far, the best printer I have ever owned and it appears that Epson doesn't manufacture an equivalent to it today.
Thanks to all- looking forward to your help.