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Epson 9890 Cyan clogged

I'm using Epson Stylus Pro 9890 printer and week ago suddenly this has happens. When I printing I saw images getting darker so I clean the head and print again then it was print few inches and again same issue occurred. So I do the nozzle check then I found Cyan is not printing. So I did all the cleaning types but nothing work for me. So I check with the printer technician regarding the issue he recommend to replace the printer head and the ink selectors. So I changed them all but after that also same error has appeared.

I have replaced the head after done the many tests and cleanings. With new head also all channels are printing except Cyan but if I print printer spool file (only Cyan), it will start to print actual cyan and getting faded and blank but again after some time it will start and same thing will rotating.

Need help..!!!

:( :(
Chaisu...Sounds like ink starvation in the cyan line. Either the line is clogged, the selector unit is not working properly or the pump\\cap assembly is not pulling ink through the printhead. I would check the pump\\cap assembly first.
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Thank you for the useful information.

I'm new to this printer so do you have any idea about how to clean it ?

Thank you again.. :)

- chaisu
This is a bit too involved to describe here. I suggest you search for a service manual for the 9890.
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My 9890 is doing same thing.
Nozzle check shows absolutely NO cyan.
But prints look ok and if I print a 'purge' image, all colors seem to print including cyan and light cyan.
very baffling.
Chaisu and update on your cyan problem?

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