asked Jan 31, 2015 at 5:42pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

Re:Blank pages HP 5Si with 2000 tray 4

Hello friends, please help. I have HP 5Si with the 2000 tray. When printing prints 3-4 blank pages with complete print. I have changed all rollers for this tray 4 paper tray. Any suggestions?
You need to post better information. Does it only happen with the 2000 sheet feeder? Have you tried to print from trays 2 and 3 and can confirm it does not happen with those trays. If it only happens from tray 4 you need to make sure the torque limiter for the separation roller is on the shaft and has not fallen off at some point. The torque limiter provides the correct backfeed operation to the printing process and also prevents multiple feeds of more than one sheet. Now there are 2 types of miss feeds that can cause blank pages. One is when the separation roller process does not work right and the other is when the solenoid is not operating correctly on the paper pickup unit and extra pages go thru at the end of the job. Most times you will get a jam or in correct size error if a solenoid issue.
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