asked Feb 3, 2001 at 7:15pm
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LJII2D duplexer jam

I have a problem with paper jams when duplexing on a laserjet IID. The paper will not be pushed through the plastic guide that feeds it up for the second pass. The paper is bunched up between the rollers and guide instead. I have hard stopped the printer just as the paper starts to jam with the lead edge half way through the guide. As I loosen the screws that hold the guide from the top inside the paper will suddenly pop loose and the lead edge will come out of the guide like it is supposed to. It seems the the paper is snug to the left side of the guide and that is what is binding it. I have looked at the registration mechanism and do not see where the paper is not being drawn all the way to the right. I don't see any adjustment to the paper registration mechanism either.
This is one of those that's hard to diagnose if you're not looking at the operation. Did you actually take the plastic diverter out and check it to see if anything is inside it, like a label or if there is a burr on the plastic catching the paper. That's about all I can suggest without actually observing the operation. To access the duplexer you have to split the 2 halves of the printer.
by moe on Feb 4, 2001 at 4:04pm Add comment
I am sure the problem is not in the diverter. I have inspected it thoroughly and see nothing wrong there. I believe the problem is in the registration because the paper is against the left side of the diverter. In the duplexer there is a white plastic guide with an angled roller that changes position dependant on the paper size. Is there any adjustment to it's position? Do you have the procedure for spliting the printer outlined anywhere? It does not seem like it is an easy thing to figure out if you have not done it before.
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