asked Jan 30, 2015 at 1:19pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4

FIX-HP Photosmart Cartridge Carrier Stuck to Right

My dear printer ink cartridge holder let me take the black ink out and then moved all the way to the right before I could install another ink. To make matters worse, it would not got to the home screen and just said ink cartridge missing. I tried power off/on, hard resets and even tried to manhandle the holder back into place. I spent almost 4 hours and nearly used a hammer on it. WHAT WORKED was to inch it to the left a couple of millimeters and then forcefully push the holder all the way to the right a couple of millimeters as I powered it up. I could feel something kind of click and then it moved (I might have done this more than once before it worked).I then pulled the plug to make sure it stayed in a position I could add my ink. I powered on again and it reset itself and is working perfectly again. Go figure...Why can't HP put this on a troubleshooting help page somewhere???? Good luck!!!!