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asked Jan 17, 2015 at 9:04pm
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HP 2200 smudge when duplexing

First off I wanted to thank everyone for the great advice I've found here. I have several HP 2100s and 2200s. Who would have thought I could fix the duplexing problems I was having with $4 worth of felt pads or get a Jetdirect card working again by baking it in the oven! Thanks.

I have 1 last issue with a HP 2200 I can't find a fix for. When printing 1 sided I have no issues. When duplexing I will get 2 smudges about 1/2" wide x 1/4" tall at the top of the page on the left and right. It happens when the paper runs through the printer for the second time and it happens to the BACK SIDE of the paper (the page that already has print on it). Also, it only happens after 3 pages run through, the first 3 pages have no smudges.

I've swapped toner cart.
Swapped fuser assemble
Swapper transfer roller

I've done the best I can to see if the marks line up with any of the rollers in the machine, but it doesn't look like they do. Plus, if it's a roller, wouldn't it do it all the time?

This is the only 2200 I have that did not need the solenoid pads replaced. I never checked their condition because it was duplexing correctly. Any chance that could be the issue?

Thanks for any help.

Turns out these smudges were a precursor to the 3 solenoid bumper pad issue when duplexing. I was not having issues with this unit printing both sides, but knew that the solenoid pads had not been upgraded yet. I decided to take care of that and the smudging issue was resolved.

If you are unfamiliar with the solenoid pad issue, do a search on this site for "HP 2200 problem duplexing", you should find the fix.
Or check out:

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